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Preview: HK Models 1/32 Meteor Preliminary Photos


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Hi folks,


I've just put together a short preview of the HK Models 1/32 Meteor Mk 4. My sample didn't come with a box, instructions, decals or clear parts, but I thought it was still worthwhile taking a look at the parts. I think it will be a very popular kit!


HK Models 1/32 Meteor Preliminary Photos


As noted in the preview, I should have access to the remaining elements of the kit soon, and plan to do a more formal review at that time.



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Hi Kev ...


Once again, excellent review!! ... I like the 'simple' approach that HK have taken with this kit ... Doubtless the 'super detailers' will be buying up AM for it anyhow - so whats the point in HK detailing the kit right OOB, when people like me will be locking it all up except the cockpit. Weighted tyres - check! ... Good external detail - check! ... AM conversion to an acceptable WWII bird - check! (Thankyou Mr Fisher!) ... plus an AM PE set from Eduard would make this an extremely affordable bird.


Yes ... smart thinking HKM ... well done!


Rog :)

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Shame it's a Mk4, I'd have preferred an later, post-WWII era plane.  :wicked: 



No, only kidding, IT'S A METEOR!!!!! I'm ecstatic!! The rest will come, one way or another.




PS Tony, first one to get one, bring it on the X73 on Tuesdays, OK?!

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"Hale Storm" was a Meteor F.8, and no, making masks in a different scale for an aircraft that's been in the public domain since 1952 wouldn't breach anyone's copyright on anything (the RAF's lawyers be damned on the roundel issue).


I know it's an F8 (RAAF), I was thinking of the kit + the Fisher conversion.


Thanks for your reply, I'll start looking for someone to do some masks for me:)

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Guest Peterpools


Thanks for posting, as the Meteor looks great. Absolutely looks like the secret modeling fund is going to be stretched to the limit very early this coming year


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