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F-80 shooting star, Czech model FINISHED


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some rescribing and more primer. with the metallizers you get an easy NM finish, but the base has to be perfect. even the border between primer and no primer, highly polished, is visible through the metallizer. its very thin, actually see-through. looking at ricks build i briefly thought about another paintjob (like a camo). but i really want a korean aera bird, so i will try my best



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for the final metalizing job i choose a different way than with the F-84: i first brushed on a darker metalizer and used a lighter one over it instead of masing panels and painting them different colours



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Harv, Harold, Guy, Brian, Maru and Hubert, many thanx for your nice comments! I´m not sure it really was a health stroll, it may not be the ideal candidate for a nice OOB build, really had a hard time with the landing gear and other fiddly bits in the end. this thing would benefit from G-factor struts. i may have scratched a gear if i wasnt dead set on finishing in time, so i just added brake lines and called it a day. maybe someday... and if i do i will shorten the MLG to make it sit lower in the rear. overall the kit is a bear, but at least i finished it:







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