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F-80 shooting star, Czech model FINISHED


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  • 4 weeks later...

....and then disaster struck...

i tried a new kind of car filler, first on a droptank i wouldnt use, but maybe i didnt use a coat heavy enough. the filler clinged to the plastic like hell.

when i used a thick coat on the intakes it melted the plastic, its just too agressive. now i have ridges and molten sides. on top you can see my efforts to sand the filler off - a lot of work.

this didnt help with the build at all, i had to take a week off, also for the filler to completly cure....



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Don't let it win, Karl ! Although I admit that sometimes this kind of thing can stop you in your motivation, keep your teeth in it!


I'm looking forward in seeing the progress on it. I was following your build, because one day, I hope to build a T-33 !



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thanx for the support guys!

i managed to sand off most of the stuff after a couple of sessions.

at least the fuselage is together and the pit is only missing the gunsight

got to run to make the deadline of the GB :o





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I share your pain on this build. certianly an ill fitting kit. however, this is what we do...build models.


despite all my angst and drama, similar to yours, I really enjoyed building this kit. Albeit, your skill sets are far superior than mine.


I've pulled a seat to the front row and am enjoying your reports and skills.


Here is my WIP on the Czech F80. You see some familar sights. F80C conversion to P80B

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thanx for the link, rick. it just made me aware that i didnt add noseweight! luckily i have not attached the wing yet

just did some more sanding to the spine, the most visible part of the fuselage



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