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F-80 shooting star, Czech model FINISHED


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the thunderjet is finished and i just feel like another OOB build, since the vacform GB has not started (an i dont know if i will be motivated enough to join).

everything began with a squadron sale, i think it was 20$ for the shootingstar, so i ordered it, even with all the shipping charges that would apply. then i got said thunderjet (and later a sabre and i think i will get a mig-15 too) and reading all the material really got me started on the korean war theme...

so heres the kit and some reference:




i will scratch some detail in the cockpit and the intakes and hope it will turn out nice. still undecided on the paintsheme, but "lil dottie" seems pretty nice. anyone got the decal sheet from the hobby boss release that they are not going to use?

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Oooooooo cool! I really like this one...............I had the kit but traded it for a T-33. Really looking forward to this one Karl. You went from one of the longest builds, to knocking one out super quick and now on to another!


Congrats on the F-84, it looks terrific, and sure the P-80 will be more of the same. :D

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AWESOME... Ill be watching closely. Please give us good details. This will be great, let you do the work and tell us the problems and how to fix them so it will be a smooth build for everyone else. :frantic: Thanks man what a buddy. :yahoo:



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thanx guys. actually there is a very good buildthread from Big matt on here and he allready adressed the problems of the kit:


i am more or less following him

i made a small start on the seat; i cut it off the pouring block and sanded the later style headrest-plate off. with a dremel i removed the belts (these are more like shoestrings), then i smoothed everything out with some mr.dissolved putty.




the quality of the kit is nothing like the F-84, lots of flash and pretty crude detail....

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anyone ever seen this kit?


seems to be a rebox? its not in the kit database either


Not seen it, but heard of it. Yeah it's a re-box, released last year. I know it's almost oob, but there are some nice ams goodies available http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=36543

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