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Hi All,
not sure on the specific plane yet but keen to stop rummaging in the box and start work on what looks to me like a bit of a beauty.
I've booked some leave starting tomorrow & off I'll go.
Meantime here's a pic of the box !



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If this is anything like the PCM Mk IX I turned into a Mk XIV (with the help of RB Productions conversion of course), it really is a VERY nice kit.


No mass run alignment pegs or anything like that, but the fit and accuracy were great, and the included resin and color PE was a really nice touch.


looking forward to some progress!

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All, thanks for the words of encouragement-I was called into work today so start on this delayed a bit. It's made me more impatient to get on with it !


Brian-I reckon it's more or less the same kit with some lumps and bumps added to depict the griffon goodness (forgive me spit dudes

I've been to your thread(s) and read with great interest, some of the pics have gone to the photobucket in the sky unfortunately but the info and queries threads 'll help a lot (retractable tail wheel etc)

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  • 1 month later...

Derek & Marus--thank you for the kind words.


We're off..

Well the leave got cancelled and real life's slowed me down -but at last some (small) progress!


Here are a few shots of what PCM give you

the Resin's pretty nice:










The plastic ..fuse and wings are rendered beautifully..plastic's on the soft side, but detail's not impaired which is ok ;)




The Brass is Class ~ ok it's not brass but you get the gist



And the instructions are printed super clearly..though as I found they can be ...vague !






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the IP-you have a choice of plastic or PE

Since there were no instrument decals I went with IP




The PE is coloured--a kind of blue grey...looked wrong so repainted with Citadel black ink





So having got the IP sorted for now I moved onto the rest of the cockpit-walls




Seat - I wanted a fairly scuffed seat so I could play with hairspray :)



Glossy coat = new leather.. over hairspray


scuffing with brush and toothpick + some PE belts inthe offing..





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So the seat was too wide and the armour plate behind it...too wide to fit between those lovely resin cockpit walls. So I adjusted the plate by thinning it in depth and width before attaching to the frame and seat











Control Column :




Apologies for the photo quality -banished to the shed and using a mobile

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Nice work, box art brings back old memories - I've liked the MkXIV, ever since I built the original Frog offering with V-1 missile.

Look forward to seeing more.


;-) I never saw that model but the pic of the Spit and V1 is what sold me on this kit when I was wavering ! Thanks for looking in SinuheH !

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While the cockpit dries/gets hacked for final fit I did some more dry fitting of the fuse and wings

The fuse halves join ok (note to self include tailwheel before closing up -not shown in instructions -)

The wings join ok top and bottom with plenty of room for the resin wheel bays.


But there's a wee gap between wing and wing root ;-) (It's not too clear on this pic but the detail on the wings -top and bottom is excellently represented-I'm going to be very careful trying not to eliminate or disfigure it when sanding...






So I painted some exhausts whiile stirring up some filler..





more later as my new leave is booked... -)

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