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Fw190D-9 - Hasegawa 1/32


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Today's step :


Camouflage scheme (RLM82/83) on fuselage...


I still need to apply post-shading on it and to do a few fixes here and there to improve camouflage look...




I was really afraid to spoil the whole beast (it is my first german camo) but I think that result is not too bad...

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Yep Ditto what Mav says, if this is your first attempt at a Luftwaffe scheme, I am more than impressed Chris. They are probably one of the most contencious and difficult schemes to reproduce, and yours is right up there with the best of them. Keep us all posted. Magnificent work! Cheers to you and your Dora. JimInOz :)

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What brand of paint is that, and is it enmal or acrylic?

Mostly acrylics...


The paints i am using on this Dora :


- base coat : Tamiya bomb spray TS-30 "Silver Leaf"

- RLM 76 BlueGrey : Aircraft Colors (acrylic)

- RLM 02 Light Grey, RLM 66 Dark Grey, RLM 82 Light Green, RLM 83 Dark Green : Gunze (acrylic)

- most other airbrushed paints : Tamiya acrylics

- hand painted details (cockpit, ...) : Prince August acrylics

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Here is another step :


- mottling improvment (I think) : I did add a few spots/stains behind cockpit and near RV band), some quite sharp and a few other very fuzzy and soft. All this to try to reproduce the camo scheme shown on the two pics existing from this plane : http://www.rlm.at/galerie/23/gal23_012.jpg . Difficult to see well on this pic, both pics are included in book 'Green Hearts - First in combat with the Dora 9' and one of those on decal sheet EC#60 from EagleCals. You can see a similar reproduction on wonderful D-9 from Chris Wauchop ( http://hsfeatures.com/fw190d932cw_2.htm ), whose skill I think is totally unreachable (at least by me).


- Improvment of post-shading on fuselage camouflage, mostly on nose area.


- Improvment (decrease) of post-shading on right wing flap (RLM 83).


- Reich Defense (RV) bands were added. Strange optical effect, the white one seems wider. They have the same width.


And one single pic from right side, to change a bit :



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National insignia (cross) on fuselage : I did hesitate for some time between using decal or Montex masks for this. Decals are easier but less realistic, and masks are quite complex to use well with complex shapes requiring several masking steps.


I did choose masking at least :




Picture above shows intermediary step between white parts painting (done) and black central cross (not done yet, additional masks are already there to protect white parts). The large trap door is also quite visible on this picture (this door is cut out and could be opened).


After last painting step, I let paint fry for one minute before removing all masks and breathing quite deep before looking at result...




It worked !!! I just need to do exact same stuff on other fuselage side now... However camouflage paint on the small trap door (tank stopper access) had not resisted the masking adhesive. I need to repaint that (easy, part could be removed from fuselage).


I also did a few chipped paint spots, mostly on left wing root were pilot is climbing towards cockpit. I also did put a few HobbyDecal dry transfers, mostly on left wing... Not really easy :angry: :blink: : either the transfer stay totally or in part on the supporting film, or I am putting more pressure while rubbing and the paint under the transfer is scratched (even with a round, not too hard tool used for rubbing transfer) B)


I am stopping that for today, tomorrow I will put a whole clear (Future) coat on the plane to protect the paint before adding more transfers, decals, and washes...

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