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Fw190D-9 - Hasegawa 1/32


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Hi all,


I did rebuild the whole auxillary fuel tank behind cockpit after rading several useful info from people, mostly Jerry Crandall (thanks again Jerry) that allowed me to learn the following things about this tank :


- all german fighter internal fuel tanks from this era were either unpainted natural metal, or rough black rubber (self-sealing tank).

- on first production D9s, this tank was an extra fuel tank, self-sealing rubber. On late type Doras, produced at end of 44 (I have no exact date) or 45, it was a MW50 boost tank, done in natural metal (boost time : 10 minutes).


So on my Dor werknummer 210003, build in August 44, it is a self-sealing black rubber tank. Never yellow like I did after seeing some pics inside Squadron Walkaround and some models... Anyway there are also pics of another Dora in the same Squadron walkaround, showing a rubber tank. So I did reproduce it like this :


I did shape a cylindrical core with a part of syringue tube, closed on both ends. I did cover this tube with Milliput putty shaped with finger in order to obtain a slightly not straight shape simulating rubber. Before complete drying, I did press slightly a medimum sanding paper on sides to obtain the rough surface. Once dry, painting and completion with soft metal circles. Top of tank is far more irregular in shape but this part could absolutely not be seen after fuselage is closed so I left it like this.


I am also testing (dry-fit) the insertion of the various internal parts inside fuselage : Eagle Parts cockpit, engine plug. It is somewhat more difficult than with base Hasegawa kit only, as Eagle cockpit needs some sanding and part removal inside the fuselage in order to fit... As I also did add the detail behind cockpit and mostly the fuel tank, I did need to do many dry-fits to obtain a nice result.




That's the view we get once fuselage is closed :




I also did replace the internal wire crossing the upper part of opened bay, former one was too thick and not straight. THe new one is thin and done with optical fivber, perfectly straight.




This afternoon I will glue fuselage halves and internal parts.



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A single last one for today...


The fuselage halves have been closed and glued, and the engine plug fitted and glued inside. The Eagle cockpit has been inserted (with some strength and pressure, not a problem linkd to the resin parts but entrance is very narrow and the added detail behind cockpit does not help also... But now the cockpit rests inside the fuselage B) (not glued yet).


I did rebuild the two trap doors with thin styrene sheet. It seems to fit almost perfectly. The largest trap door has been attached with thin strips of Tamiya tape inside the fuselage. This also prevents any paint leak inside fuselage when I will start extensive painting work...




The four fixating "levers" on the large trap door have been engraved with a pin wise and a Verlinden scribing template.

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What did you use for the silver? It looks very fine without any grainy effect-spot on.

Thanks for your comments guys :)


Anthony, the silver paint is Tamiya bomb spray TS-30 Silver Leaf. I like the result and when I am a bit lazy it is far easier than using Alclad + all the paint cleaning of airbrush after.


TS series of sprays is a synthetic paint that is not harm by enamel nor acrylic paints. And the result is very fine and smooth.

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Thanks for that.

I have been using the Tamiya spray can Laquer (AS12? or 11 I cant recall off hand which) run through the airbrush as it too has virtually no grain effect. I even thin mine even more.

I might try the one you have used also if you dont get any reaction with other paints, something which I am always aware of.

Thanks for the reply


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Yet another innovative insight into your creations Black Dog (you'll have to tell us all what your real name is one day!). Keep them coming - we are learning all the time.





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Hi all,


those last few days I was busy working on tail part of my Dora :


- I did cut the rudder , as I will attach it towards left side, according to rudder pedals in the cockpit

- The rudder forward gap was filled with a wide styrene (evergreen) rod, sanded to semi-curve shape.

- The two rudder hinges have been reproduced with some garbage photo-etched part and a small metal wire.


You can also see result of two evenings work making rivets on rear fuselage/tail parts.




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It seems that u'er build on the D-9 is more than AMAZING and again Fantastic IN NO MEANS TO BE A MAJOR BUILD.U make things so easy on what u have done for the interior,cockpit,and the rudder detailing.Something tells me u'er going to even go farhter with more of u'er GREAT work.Again to u,SIR!KUDO's and more KUDO's to U.Larry

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Hi all,


just some small work since a few days : I am starting the work on main undercarriage bays...


The retracting arm, hasegawa part, has been detailed with :


- copper wire for the large spring

- solder for electric wires

- small evergreen cube for electrix attachment box on arm

- two small metal sheet strips for attachment of electric wire to arm

- a very small phot etched part from Eduard Exterior Set on the large circular part




The pic below is a dry-fit test of the whole undercarriage bay+arms. Bay walls have been enhanced with Eduard detail set. I still need to add a few wires and hoses inside the bays...




Here is the result of the small amount of progress of the last two days :




All wires and hoses from main undercarriage parts is now done (at least, my understanding of the pics from AeroDetail and Walkaround for Dora).


Those several sub-assemblies will next be painted (silver -> RLM02 -> weathering).



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