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1/32 Hasegawa Ki-44 Shoki (Tojo)

Dave J

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I was pretty lucky to be sent to Japan to the Tokyo Hobby for work the other week. While there I picked up some bargains at the Tamiya and Hasegawa stalls. Nakajima Ki44 Hei Shoki was one of the kits I returned home with.


I was planning to build the kit out of the box as there no aftermarket goodies out, as its a new release but Scale Aviation had a small Eduard PE fret available for the kit in this months magazine.


054250070.jpg sa70-appendix.jpg


As per the instructions, I started off with the cockpit assembly. Some of the PE was added. I'm not a big fan of the pre-painted PE from Eduard, so it will be painted over.






The next issue I had was the call out for the colour of the Cockpit, it said Khaki Green... I sprayed it and it just looked to dark... (sorry for the bad light!)






After doing a little research on net and posting a couple questions, I found a colour chip for IJA Nakajima interior green... I mixed a some Tamiya colour to get a close match, but its not perfect...





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I also added some fuse wire for the control linkages and drilled out the seat. The rest of the interior details were again painted with Tamiya colour...










I hoping to get a wash onto it tonight...

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The fit on this kit is great! everything went together beautifully! The were a couple of spots that needed sanding, but that was my fault... I miss-lined the fuse halfs at the top at the rear and a couple spots where I had cut the sprue off too close to the part...




The cockpit came nicely with a heavy coat of Tamiya smoke and a flat finish..








She been primed in Mr Surfacer to show all the faults...







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