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Found 55 results

  1. themongoose

    Kit Bash Stinger

    Every year the IPMS FAME CITIES Ed Kinney Chapter sponsors a contest theme for – ‘Anything USMC ‘- in memory of Ed Kinney. This year I'm determined to have an entry. With the parts from spares and the Academy kit supplied by red dog and Dragon plus a detailed review of The Designers page I think I'm ready to turn Hasegawa's prototype F-18 into a Desert Storm F/A-18A! I picked up an Avionix cockpit and tail modification kit, got some stainless screens from AMUR.Reaver, now I just have to decide which Flying Leathernecks decal sheet to buy. I've got to have it ready for the September meeting. I've spent the last couple weeks pouring over Pete's Scale Hornet guide so I'm totally psyched. This will also be my first big effort at weathering so please feel free to throw out any guidance as we build this one together 😆
  2. Bruce_Crosby

    By George!

    Hi Guys, A straight 18 day build with time off for Telford. A simply lovely kit that's well engineered and goes together with hardly any filler at all. Hope you like it. Regards, Bruce Crosby
  3. Bruce_Crosby

    By George!

    Hi Guys, After building a WNW Junkers D.1 and a WWI resin Daimler Marienfelde truck for Aviattic, I needed some modelling me for me. The first thing that shouted out to me was the Hasegawa N1K2 George kit so just before the Telford Show I opened the box and started cutting plastic. Box Art: Test fit of the wings: Test fit of the fuselage halves: Cockpit parts painted and odds and ends of the Eduard etch set added: Regards, Bruce Crosby
  4. Hey there! We decided to work on a new line of sets for A-4 Skyhawk. The first one /which will be out in within a few weeks/ will be for Brazilian NAVY. The set is based on the successful attempt we made on a work for this project. Great work by the way, you should check it out thoroughly if you haven't already. Couple of friends, including one member of LSP expressed interest in the set and we managed to make it happen. This is what is will look like: It will feature 23 aircraft. Although no more aircraft carriers for Brazil, the plane looks very cool and with the Embraer upgrades has guaranteed future for at least another decade. Due to that, we are working on another Brazilian set and two others /Skyhawks of course/. More on those soon!
  5. CJP

    RAN A4G

    Hi All - I,m a newbie on LSP and thought I would post up my restoration of an old Hasegawa 1/32 Skyhawk kit that was gradually losing bits and succumbing to damage sitting on a shelf. I actually have a current post for the WIP on Britmodeller and have only recently discovered some Skyhawk models on LSP by GDW and Anthony in NZ that got my admiration - as it is a 1/32 model I thought I would post the WIP here as well. The link to the Britmodeller WIP is here - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235027738-ran-a4g-skyhawk/ The photos below show where the restoration is up to as of this morning. This is a shot of where she will sit in the display case next to my Fisher Sea Fury - might even be able to squeeze a 1/32 Sea Venom with folded wings in there too one day & maybe the Fisher Firefly! regards CJP
  6. Hi Guy's this is my latest project - Well almost ready for inspection... Finally I got around to do some work on this one, restarted 3-4 years ago trying to bring this old kit up to some speed. It's another one of those old kits tucked away in an cardbox in the attic from 40 years ago... Hasegawa's 1/32 Messerschmitt Me 262A1-a Werknummer 111711 by Messerschmitt AG test pilot Hans Fay. I wanted to do one of the Me 262's without no paint job, trying not to get the aluminum to get too 'shiny' The photos of the original, shows a very worn, puttied surface that I tried to replicate my way. Painting: Alclad aluminium, sanded back and some very matt putty mixed from primer paint. RLM 76 in some places. Some extra detailing was done to show one of the engines, the MG and radio compartment. Aires cockpit and Eduard PE. Tell me what you think, I'm thinking of adding even some more putty?? Regards: Kent
  7. Bruce_Crosby

    Focke Factory II

    Hi Guys, Last year I posted Focke Factory in this forum where I built four of Hasagawa's Fw-190D9 models at the same time. Now I've looked around to see there are SIX more D kits hanging around, with a few bits that have disappeared. So I thought "why not?" and here we are with Focke Factory II. When I built the original engine inserts I actual made seven, all painted ready to go, so that's only three more to build and paint. And I bought another Jerry Rutman D-13 conversion, this one will get chopped back to a D11. It's essentially the same as the D13 but omits the nose cannon and adds two MK108 cannons just outboard of the undercarriage legs. One D9 will have a broad chord Big Tail, the one that was going to fit late D series and all of the Ta-152 series. There were only two documented Big Tail D9s so this time I'm going for the one that hasn't got much documentary evidence, having already built the well known one! The engine inserts ready to paint. Note three completed ones at the top, left over from the original builds. The first mini bulkhead in place. Only another 11 to cut and fit. Kit seat on the right, all thick and nasty! Thinned down one on the left. The seat itself is sheet metal, not armoured. Armour was fitted to the bulkheads. Mass production of tailplanes. Turn on the TV and just do it! Building tails. Two of the Big Tails on the left will eventually work their way onto a coupe of PCM Ta-152C kits. It's a start! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  8. Bruce_Crosby

    Big Tail Butcher Bird

    Hi Guys, Here we go again with another of 2017's Focke Factory build. This time it's Black 6 which was built with a Ta-152 style tail, which was due to be fitted to the 190 and 152 as a universal tail. It's Hasegawa's lovely kit with the usual mods from me: QuickBoost exhausts and guns and control column, HGW seatbelts, Yahu IP, Henri Daehne prop, E-Z Line aerial lead, added brake lines from plastic rod and lead wire, home made brass pitot tube, some TLC. The aircraft had minor changes prior to capture, the stbd aileron was a different colour. DSC01462.JPG by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr DSC01463.JPG by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr DSC01464.JPG by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr DSC01465.JPG by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr DSC01466.JPG by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr DSC01473.JPG by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr DSC01471.JPG by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr DSC01469.JPG by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr DSC01474.JPG by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr Regards, Bruce Crosby
  9. Bruce_Crosby

    Captured Butcher Bird

    Hi Guys, Another model from last year's Focke Factory. This time it's a captured D9, partially rebuild by the Russians and repainted with Soviet stars. The original German markings were obliterated with possibly grey paint, you can never tell with old stuff like this. My prime reference was Captured Butcher Birds and the decals are from Eagle Cals. Interior is painted with various Gunze, Tamiya and Vallejo paints, the exterior is all MMP. Detail changes include: QuickBoost guns, exhausts and control column, E-Z Line for the aerial, home made pitot tube from brass tubing, Yahu IP, thinned down seat, HGW seatbelts, brake lines from plastic rod and lead wire, Henri Daehne prop, added cooling flap actuator rods. Probably a few more things but can't remember! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  10. Here's my entry, first in progress work and GB on here so go easy please. Hobbyboss as the main kit and canopy and filter from Hasegawa Selection of decals and masks (kit was second hand and decals missing from box) AM And reference And finally the aircraft
  11. I bought this kit few years ago, before Eduard made their Limited Edition P-47 set, but i lost my appetite for this big fish . Now i have new airbrush from Gunze so it was a good time to check how it works. I used these additions for P-47: - Eduard resin wheels, - interior PE set, - RB model gun barrels, - Montex masks/decals
  12. Hi, Dora is finished, not as pleasant kit as I expected, but still decent piece of plastic. Side inscription means: "Sell my clothes I'm going to heaven!". List of modifications: - pilot seat - added seatbelts and Yahu IP - modified gunsight - Quickboost exhausts - Eduard Bronze legs from Revell F-8 - gun barrels / pitot tube / bottom antenna from syringe needles - pilot motto - shortened tail wheel - wings crosses from Montex Masks WIP: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=74576
  13. OK, this predates Maverick and Goose by a few years. The original aircraft was lost in 1984, and the decals portray the aircraft as it was in 1977. The intention is to build "white 40" in three shades of blue from the Hasegawa kit I dug out of the loft. It has been started, but not by much: The wings are glued to the fuselage, the nose panels for the gun stuck in place, some Milliput to cover ejector pin marks, so less than 25% I'd say. Planning to use the Black Box cockpit and a pilot and mount it in flight, trying to wax some Tomcat crew's tail. The mouldings are sharp and the canopy very clear, so the resin cockpit will be an improvement here. Jens
  14. Wackyracer

    fw190 A-8 Sweden 1945

    Calling this one done. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the build. Learnt some new techniques including my first rivet job and also learnt hairspray and masking tape don't mix no matter how long its been on! 1/32 Hasegawa FW190 A-8 Aaron
  15. So this is my next build on the bench 30.04.45 - FW 190 A-8 W.Nr 739 136 'White 15 + -' of II.(Sturm.)/J.G. 4 'White 15 + -' took off from Parchim, north-west of Berlin, piloted by another Estonian, Oblt. Anatol Rebane. This FW 190 was scrapped in Sweden in 1946. Anatol Rebane lived in the West after the war, and after leaving the United States in 2002, now lives in Estonia again. Found Claes Sundin's profile on his website and fell in love with the late war appearance. Then found several images of the plane which are perfect for an accurate build (hopefully)! Hasegawa kit for the build Eduard PE for the pit And started on it, whilst the paint dries on the Kolibri
  16. Since Gaz asked me to add photos of my P-40F, as I was searching my "man-cave", I ran across this build I did a while back: [ [ The kit's pilot was not good as good as a 1/48 scale figure in a Monogram Mustang. But at the time I did this one the very nice AM cockpit and harness detail sets weren't available. [ Once again, since I had no airbrush at the time, it was painted with Testors enamels and MM acrylics, hand bristle brushed.
  17. IJ001


    New project started today. Revell issue of the Hasegawa 'D' kit. A few wee extras from Quickboost & Eduard to come. Progress pics & updates as-and-when. Please feel free to make any criticism or ask any questions along the way. Stay tuned. Ian.
  18. Kahunaminor

    1/48 Hasegawa A6M2-N (Rufe)

    Good afternoon, I present my latest off the bench, Hasegawa’s version of the Mitsubishi A6M2-N Rufe. The “N†denotes the aircraft was actually manufactured by Nakajima (as were all the Rufes). I added the CMK cockpit and used Montex masks for the markings except for four decals not included in the masks. I wanted the aircraft to be weathered but not overly so. The paints were primarily Sovereign Colourcoats with some AKI varnishes and the relatively new AKI panel liners for brown/green and black finishes. The trolley was weathered a bit as they took a beating. Regards,
  19. Hi, everyone. If you've followed my ridiculously slow "Messerschmitts of North Africa" WIP thread, you already know that my Bf-109 was getting close to done. Today, I was able to put the finishing touches on it and call it complete. I'm happy with the way it turned out for sure. It's not perfect, but it's probably the best 1/32 aircraft I've ever done - out of a total of like 4. Definitely learned a lot along the way as this was my first attempt at masking and painting the inside of a canopy. Turned out pretty well, I think. This is Hasegawa kit 08881/ST31, Bf-109F-4 Trop and was finished out of the box with the exception of some HGW seatbelts. Paints were a mix of Mr. Paint, Mr. Color, Tamiya, Vallejo, and a partridge in a pear tree. Weathered with oils and pastels. If you followed my thread at all, you'll know that I'm a bit of a numbers geek, and so I've kept a fairly detailed build log of both this and the Bf-110 I've been working on in parallel. Here are the final statistics: Started: 11/10/2017 Finished: 12/28/2017 Days on bench: 48 Total materials cost: $60.66 Planning and preparation time: 7.6 hrs Build time: 13.35 hrs Painting time: 11.9 hrs Weathering time: 5.3 hrs Number of sessions at the bench: 26 Average time per session: 1.47 hrs Average time per day: .79 hrs Number of favorite sweatshirts ruined: 1
  20. Hi! I decided to finish my old project. It is a Spitfire Mk Vc conversion based on old Hasegawa Vb and new Revell Mk II kits. I added new wing bubbles and ammo panels, new shape of plate for Hasegawa windscreen. From Japanese kit i used Vokes Filter too. Master gun barrels and Montex mask were needed.
  21. LSP_Ron

    1/8 scale Fokker Dr1

    And so it begins. I've been searching aimlessly for a LSP project that really gets my juices flowing for over a year now. I finally found it, I decided to search for one of Hasegawa's 1/8 scale museum kits since I've drooled over them since they were first released yet never owned one. I reached out here in search of one and thankfully one or our members returned in kind and offered up this DR1 kit. I started it today, and so it begins, the instructions start with the engine therefore so do I..... I am really looking forward to this build.
  22. Hi guys!. Japanese Thunderbolt from the box, only seatbelts and few cables added into cockpit. Superb kit, in terms of fit as excellent as Tamiya. I forgot to add antenna wire, but 15 minutes of work will fix that.
  23. Hello Again all. Seeing this new group build posted inspired me this morning to go through the stash and look at all of the started projects that I have, and honestly try to remember why I put them on the "Shelf of Doom". There are way too many abandoned projects in my "hangar"....... This Hasegawa Frank was started somewhere in 2012/ 2013, and was relegated to the unfinished pile for reasons I can no longer remember. Looking over the kit and it's contents, I had gotten fairly well along with it, having the main airframe built and all of the seams filled with CA. It looks like I will need to rescribe some lost detail, and fill a few sink marks I have not noticed before. I was building it out of the box, as a break from some other heavy projects I had on the go. I was close to breaking out the airbrush, but did not get the last 10% of the prep work done. Here is a photo of what I pulled out of the box this morning..... It looks like I have some seam work to take care of on the nose, some rescribing of panel lines around the seams, a few ejector pin marks on the gear, and finish fitting the flaps in the retracted postion. Looking forward to diving in later today. Onward- THOR
  24. IJ001

    P-47D Thunderbolt

    Kit – Hasegawa 1:32 (original issue) Paint – Tamiya acrylics & AK Xtreme Metals Decals – Kagero Extras – Barracuda resin wheels, Eduard pre-painted etch seatbelts Republic P-47D-30 Thunderbolt Assigned to Lt. Frank Middleton 65th FS, 57th FG Corsica, mid-1944 An impulse build after a 1:48 Airfix Spitfire from a month or so ago. Five weeks from cracking the box to what you see here – and yes I know I haven’t painted the sway braces on the pylons and centreline yet. As usual with Hasegawa’s BIG kits it simply fell together without any fuss whatsoever, I was expecting ‘issues’ with the multi-piece cowl, but it behaved impeccably. The huge take-away from this build is the incredible quality of AK’s enamel lacquer’s. So much better behaved than Alclad and nowhere near as ‘smelly’. First time using Kagero’s decals and they worked perfectly also. Not much else to say, my first 1:32 completion in a l-o-n-g time and enjoyed so much I dragged-out my H’gawa 109G-14 as a possible next project… Thanks for taking the time to look folks and please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments or criticism. Ian.
  25. Although I like building 1/32nd scale aircraft I do tend to prefer adversary and aggressor aircraft in 1/48th scale. Out of the 51 adversary Skyhawks I have planned to build these are the ones that have been finished so far. All are Hasegawa kits with decals from Afterburner, Fightertown, Classic Airframes, Twobobs and Gekko Graphics. Painting was done freehand with mostly Xtracolor enamels. Jens