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  1. Next up another Revell kit with a few Tamiya swaps and other borrowed parts and some scratch building. Attempting to make a passable USMC VMFA-321 F-4S in the mid-late 80s low viz look. Wont be 100% accurate but will get it as close as my skills will take me. Already had to chop up instrument panels to resemble navy layout (S has offset scope J is centered so thats my first fail anyway…
  2. Hi everyone, This is the Revell 1/32 F-4E kit with some aftermarket help from GT Resin in the form of exhausts, belly strap and intakes, new nose from Sierra Hotel, Aim-9Js from Cutting Edge and a cockpit from Legend. The aim was to depict a late 70's USAFE jet from the 50TFW at Hahn AFB using AirDoc decals, put her in-flight and add some lighting to bring her to life. This was sort of a learning project for me, picking up on the excellent tips found in this forum, trying out some new techniques and learning from my mistakes (of which I made a few - see build for details!). In the end it took 2 and a half years to complete so the ratio of builds to acquires is way out of kilter. Anyway, on to the pics... And with lights on... Overall, a challenging but fun build of the impressive Phantom! Build thread is here ... https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/58988-132-revell-f-4e-what-could-possibly-go-wrong/&page=1 Many thanks for looking!
  3. I've always loved the look of the F-4EJ Kai and the various colorful markings it carried. However, this stands out for me: So when Zoukei Mura, one of my favorite kit manufacturers, released the Kai it was just a matter of time until I would work on this kit. Then DN Models released not only a canopy mask set, but a mask for the 50th Anniversary markings. I do have a Silhouette craft cutter and was prepared to make my own masks, but this saves a lot of time. Along with notes from Alex's excellent build, here is what I will bring to the build: Aside from the DN Models masks, I will be using the very good DXM decals for the 8 Squadron SEA camouflage, the Kits World seatbelts (haven't tried these before, fingers crossed), and the Royale Resin wheels. The kit is my first 1/48 build by ZM, and so far I've been impressed with the fit and finish. It does lack seatbelts for the seats, but on the other hand it includes mirrors which both the Tamiya Tomcats and F-4B kits lack. Speaking of comparisons, here are both cockpits. I used the ZM decals and the Quinta set for the Tamiya kit: For the decals I used MicroSol/Set and a moistened Q-Tip. I then sprayed the cockpit with a flat coat, then picked out the dials with Modge Podge Super Gloss-Brilliant. I'd say the two cockpits are broadly comparable (the Quinta set is definitely more detailed). In any case, I'm happy with the ZM kit so far. Here's a pic with the seats, which are a work in progress: And the cockpit added to the right fuselage: I'm now working on the seats and starting on the belts. Until next time! Cheers, Tom
  4. Hi guys I now have the replacement canopy sets for the Tamiya kits available This set ended up being a little more tricky than first thought, but I am pleased with the results in the end, you now have three clear resin cast parts, two separate support frames and the canopy supporting cylinders in two alternative lengths for both the front and rear canopies, all supplied as 3D printed parts. Note use the frame part between front and rear canopy from the kit. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/mcdonnell-douglas-phantom-replacement-canopy-set-for-tamiya-kits
  5. Are there any photos of this F-4D in this scheme around? I can’t find any through Google or Bing... I like it because the 49th TFW was sort of a “reserve-wing” for USAFE. In times of crisis their aircraft would go from Holloman to Ramstein and/or Spangdahlem. This was exercised regularly.
  6. This sheet provides the extensive F-4 Phantom airframe data (including panel numbers/labels) for either an F-4B or F-4J. The airframe data included is the painted (open stencil) type of markings commonly seen in the 1960's into the early 1970's on USN/USMC F-4B and F-4J Phantoms. Includes placards for the landing gear, speed brakes, speed brake wells, auxiliary air doors, wing external fuel tanks, and main and nose gear doors. Also includes markings for all pylons, bomb adapter racks (inboard and outboard pylon types), and LAU-7 rail markings. Note that this is not the printed (full letter) style of airframe data - check references for which style of airframe data was applied for a specific F-4. Expected Feb/Mar Now available at: www.AOAdecals.com
  7. 1st one for 2019. Tamiya Phantom F4(j), decked out as a 74 squadron aircraft using Yellowhammer decals to depict a F4J(UK). Great kit that builds into an imposing model. All errors were user generated!!
  8. Hi all! One reason why my Corsair build has slowed down is that I have taken part in a Facebook group build. The subject is the world famous F-4 Phantom II. For my build I decided to use Revell's 1/32 F-4F kit to depict a worn out Greek F-4E SRA with I will also be using the following aftermarket detail sets: Legend's resin F-4E cockpit Real Model's resin slatted stabilizers GT Resin's exhausts DEF Model's resin wheels and FOD covers Eduard's placards Airscale's dataplates and instruments
  9. This is Phantastic news. Apart from both British Phantom aircraft variants (F-4K/M, or FG.1 and FGR.2), it looks like HKM will also be producing a new US J-79 powered variant as well. Let the good times roll! Derek
  10. Any help wanted with FS's colors for new digital camo
  11. I am throwing my hat in the ring for this fantastic group build. There has been some amazing work done so far and I am hoping that this endeavour will be at least half as good as what I have seen. There have been some awesome Phantom builds online and I have always been fan. Even when I was a kid and started modelling, this kit and jet held my fascination but was always out of reach from a skill set and financial standpoint. Now that I am older and back in the hobby, I could finally get my hands on this beast. I picked this kit up a few years ago and now that I am getting more proficient its about time to tackle this kit. This group build has been the impetus for seeing if I can do justice for the kit. So I have the kit and will be getting the Eduard PE as well as the Hobby Decal markings for the VF-84 Jolly Rogers. Thats about all I will added to the build as i am hoping to scratch and modify anything that needs to be added. I am also looking at setting her up on a diorama ready to be launched from a carrier catapult. I also know there are some challenges with the kit and so I am using the tweak list from Thierry Laurent as well as several other build logs such as this one on ARC as part of my references. As usual please comment. If its wrong or you have suggestions please let me know. I can improve through hard work and guidance from this great community. Thanks for Reading Gord
  12. Continuing with the F-4 theme after the recently announced F-4 airframe data and VF-154 sheets, here are three "small" sheets covering USMC F-4 Phantoms in the Vietnam War. 32-032 three F-4B Phantoms of VMFA-323 Death Rattlers 32-033 two F-4J Phantoms of VMFA-232 Red Devils 32-034 one F-4J Phantom of VMFA-212 Lancers Each sheet will also include a set of the full airframe data (sheet 32-031). Estimated release in March. now available at: www.AOAdecals.com As mentioned, all three will also include airframe data:
  13. Another single squadron sheet from AOA, this time for F-4J’s of VF-154 Black Knights in the 1970s and covering standard and CAG schemes. Planning for early 2019. Now available at: www.AOAdecals.com
  14. Next project will be Tamiyas Phanton F4 J. To be painted up as a F4-J (UK) using yellow hammer decals.The aim is to end up some where here Starting from here
  15. Next 1/32 AOA sheet (32-016) release is a little different as it covers one specific F-4J Phantom (BuNo 155887) as she appeared during three Vietnam cruises while with the same squadron (VF-143 Pukin' Dogs, callsign "Taproom") and also same modex each time (102). Not a MiG killer, just one example of the many, many other Phantoms that took part in the war daily. The Pukin' Dogs Vietnam F-4B's have been covered in decal form before (again, because of MiG kills), their later wartime F-4Js have been neglected until now. Sheet covers the Vietnam/WESTPAC cruises: USS Constellation 1969-70, USS Enterprise 1971-72, and USS Enterprise 1972-73. Among others, thankfully received help from 102's own plane captain Tom Chergi from the 72-73 cruise. For the 1972-73 cruise, this aircraft also bore the name of 143's XO, CDR Harley Hall, who sadly become the last Navy combat loss on 27 January 1973 flying Taproom 113 (the day the Paris Peace Accords were signed) and last American to be listed as POW. While his RIO was later released, there is still controversy and contradictions surrounding the ultimate fate of CDR Hall. If anyone saw the 1975 documentary "Threshold - The Blue Angel Experience", this was filmed during CDR Hall's time when he was the Blue Angels flight leader and as such is featured in it. Back to the sheet: Unlike vast majority of AOA releases, only minimal stenciling/common markings are included, such as the different ejection seat warning triangles used for each cruise, static port stencils, national insignias, and two styles of jet intake warnings and RESCUE markings. F-4's were liberally covered with stencils and is too large of a project to be covered for this release. A full F-4 stencil and panel number decal sheet may be a future release from AOA (not currently planned as of today). The sheet also includes fuel tank and FOD cover squadron identifiers. Now in stock. Printed by Cartograf. Price $22 (free shipping in the US) www.AOAdecals.com (Click image for larger view)
  16. Hi, My name is Richie and I love the smell of burnt kerosene. Having spent many hours viewing the absolute masterpieces on this site and trying to hoover up as much inspiration as I can, I've decided to take the plunge and commit my effort to the wider community in an attempt to improve my game. As way of background I suffer from: a - an over-ambitious build programme that would require the invention of time travel to complete my collection. b - a lack of resistance to nice new shiny decals (that adds to the first issue). c - an inability to recognise that OOB is just fine in most cases. d - the view that 50 Shades of Grey is the epitome of panel weathering. e - a lack of sufficient minutes in the day to fit everything in (work, family, plastic fettling etc) I am also an Optimistic 80%er. By that I mean I will endeavour to add detail/changes when it makes a noticeable difference but lack of skills / patience may ultimately limit my AMS ambition to a level of ‘Good Enough'. And so to the challenge, a 1/32 Revell F-4E. This is going to be only my 2nd 1/32 effort, the first being a Revell Hawk T1, but my first on-line build. Not entirely sure of the markings yet but it will probably be an early USAFE bird in Vietnam c/s. True to form I have acquired more aftermarket stuff than I really need including: - GT Resin Intakes and Exhausts - SH replacement nose - CE Aim 9J/P - Legend F-4E Cockpit - Eduard PE - Master Details Pilot figure - Master Pitot Probes As if first night nerves wasn't enough, it will also be the first time I have used a lot of this stuff and just to make it more interesting I'm going to put her in flight and light her up. This may get ugly. For those who like their builds quick and dirty, sorry but this is going to be a slow burn (but probably dirty!). Very happy for comments, suggestions, advice etc but don't be offended if I do something different or not quite true to life, as they say art is in the eye of the beholder. Oh, and as a cautionary tale to others I will also be keeping an catalogue of errors of all the mistakes I make. Lets hope it stays in double figures! Game on.
  17. Happy new year all. I've just acquired the Tamiya 1/32 Phantom F4j and am thinking of converting this to the UK version. I know that shortly after the Falklands war the UK bought 15 retired “off the shelf†F4j' s from the USAF. Any Phantom experts out there with advise on how much work would be involved to fo the conversation. Also any help sourcing RAF markings would be appreciated.
  18. Hello all, I'm new here and wanted to share a recent project, one that is nine tenths finshed - but may benefit from being shown from the beginning. I've loved Phantoms since I was a child - their taut, 'business-like' appearance and reputation for power and speed always appealed. Later, as a young(er) adult I was also fortunate enough to see, courtesy of Her Majesty, an RAF version engage ground targets with its vulcan gun. Not something to forget in a hurry. Anyhow, my build is a US Navy version, namely the VF-92 aircraft flown by Curt Dose and Jim McDevitt in their successful raid on Kep airfield in 1972. It is a fascinating story - engagingly told by the pilot himself here . I also like the white noses of that squadron and the 'I-don't-give-a-damn-whether-you-can-see-me-or-not' attitude of the overall schemes of that period. My version is a bit different from most models of this or similar subjects, however. I set out to build-in the following features: working flight controls, retractable undercart, wheel suspension, working lights, illuminated cockpit and gunsight, openable canopy, deployable flaps and arrester hook and spinning compressor blades. It is, as you can imagine, quite a lot to pack into a model, even of this size. And how well it works, well, you'll be able to judge for yourselves. Why? Well I had some success doing some of this with a 1:24 Trumpeter Hurricane a couple of years back and fancied the challenge of mimicking the very different operation of a jet's controls - more on that later. But generally, I like the idea of a model being able to show some of the life of the real thing, so the model can sort of explain itself in other words. Some other boat and vehicle projects I've done in the same vein can be seen here if anyone is interested. Where to begin? I started with the wheels, imagining - wrongly - that these would be straightforward, especially after the nightmare complexity of the Hurricane. But, in reality F4s have, like a lot of naval aircraft, quite complex wheel geometry - not apparent when you look at them - to say nothing of the linkages between the landing leg itself and the secondary doors. So I had to make each of the main struts in brass, and adjustable in all axes, so I could firm up on the motion when I had worked out what it should be. You can just about make out the screw that will tighten the landing gear when the correct angle was worked out. Next discovery was that the gear struts themselves are almost certainly not quite in the right place on the model. No matter how I tried to work it, the wheels and doors could not function properly, this close to the fuselage. And indeed if you compare the wheel doors to available drawings, the secondary door (the little outboard gear door on each main wheel) is larger in real life than on the model. I concluded the wheels must be about 2 or 3mm too far inboard. I also wanted the wheels to turn freely so fitted bearings. You can more or less see that the strut itself looks like real chrome... and that is because it is. I found this remarkable - as in easy to use - kit from the US that allows you to chrome up (well polished) brass tube and I made a lot of use of it on this project. The oleo struts are supported by small springs in the cylinder. The slot in the oleo is to keep the wheel pointing in one direction as it slides up and down past a locating pin. The nose gear works the same way. You can see I had to replace the plastic 'scissors' as the orignals would break quickly when the gear moves up and down. Here you can see one of the main gear struts in the retracted position. The scissors are from the Eduard set and are useful for this kind of project, as long as the pieces are soldered rather than glued. You can just about make out what turned out to be the solution to the geometry issue. The main hinge is angled downward in the forward direction and slightly outward from the fuselage in the horizontal axis. This general arrangement was found by experiment - and confirmed by photographs. It is also worth mentioning that either the model wing section is too shallow or the gear too deep but, as supplied, they cannot possibly retract and I had to narrow the tires and wheels by about 1.5mm. Also, there is a sort of connecting piece across the well that is severely in error and prevents retraction, whatever the shape or thickness of the gear. That had to go. But because no one will see in the wheel well I have not replaced it with a corrected part. Hope this is of interest. Next up, engines and fans...
  19. This will be somewhat limited release due to the nature of the subject since it will require a conversion set to make an F-4B out of a Tamiya 1/32 F-4 Phantom kit. As usual for AOA the subjects are from the Vietnam War with six options (3 different aircraft) for VMFA-115 Silver Eagles and two options for VMFA-314 Black Knights. It will include national insignia and the most common data stencils/markings (not complete F-4 airframe data). (The eagle markings look dark grey in these images but they're being printed in silver metallic.) Now in stock. Price $24 www.AOAdecals.com
  20. This F-4J Phantom scheme I wanted for probably 15+ years for myself and finally decided to do it and release it as a simple "low budget" sheet that features only the squadron specific markings. Although VMFA-334 Falcons has been covered before, the falcon insignia in particular was somewhat lacking in any scale until now. Also in order to keep cost down, only one aircraft is covered, although it can be represented either from Vietnam or later in 1969 when -334 were in Japan. (edit...) Contrary to what I initially planned, included will be national insignia and intake warnings as well as a few other common markings (similar to what was provided on my earlier F-4J VF-143 sheet) Now in stock. Price $11.50 Printed by Microscale www.AOAdecals.com
  21. Well, it's been a long haul but I'm finally calling this done, Tamiya's 1/32 F-4J finished as ZE352 74 Squadron RAF 1988. I bought the kit originally to do an FG1 conversion but with a kit being announced shortly after receipt decided I didn't need the pain of all that cutting and filling. As we all know the UK J's were delivered in a funny colour so I wanted to emulate that but also wanted to do a scheme that was a bit out of the ordinary, ZE352 in 1988 seemed to offer this, she was bit worn and tired, had a replacement panel in RAF Barley grey and some zap graffiti. So this is what I was aiming to achieve: I added some aftermarket - GT Resins F-4J cockpit and seamless intakes, Eduard exhausts, Yellowhammer decals and used some old Reheat ejection seats that I have had for ages as I wasn't so happy with the GT ones (detail was a bit muzzy). Painted in Xtracolour X127 for the Flint Grey and some assorted greys from the paintbox for the rest. I apologise for naff pictures, I'll try for some better ones if the sun ever comes out again. These are from earlier in the build; The hot section was painted with AK Interactive True Metal paste and some Baremetal foil. The red lines are to simulate the RTV106 sealant commonly seen. All comments good and bad welcome Dave
  22. We are getting ready to release two new 1/32 F-4C/D sheets for post-war ANG/AFRES Phantoms. They are printed by Cartograf and should be available by late next week or early the following. They will be available from www.speedhuntergraphics.com 32003 Snub-nosed Phantoms 1) F-4D 66-7765, 906TFG, WPAFB Ohio. Decals include both types of nose art and flags to depict the jet as it appeared at the London Air Show in June 1988 or Dayton Air Show in July 1988. 2) F-4C 64-0748, 188TFG, Arkansas ANG, 1989. Don Spering nose art. MiG killer. Hill Gray I camo. 3) F-4D 66-7661, 113TFG DC ANG, 1987. MiG killer. Euro 1 camo. 4) F-4D 66-7745, 187TFG Alabama ANG, 1988. Euro 1 camo 32004 Snub-nosed Phantoms Part II: ANG ADC Gray Phantoms 1) F-4C 63-0589, 191FIG, Michigan ANG, 1979 2) F-4C 64-0776, 142FIG, Oregon ANG, 1984. Triple MiG-killer, plus two additional QF-100 kills obtained during William Tell '84 3) F-4D 64-0973, 119FIG, North Dakota ANG, 1981. Royal Canadian Air Force 'zap' over USAF insignia. 4) F-4D 64-0976, 119FIG, North Dakota ANG, 1989. "Abigail" artwork.
  23. Well, since it looks like I'll be able to finish the UH-1 in time, I've decided to start a kit that at least I have some familiarity with how it goes together. This will be my third Tamiya Phantom and my first D model. I plan to work on it during the down time while the UH-1 is drying or when I want something a little more painless. I will be building it as the London Int'l Airshow version as I was fortunate enough to see the plane in person. In addition to the Speedhunter decal sheet, I have Rhino intakes, GT Resin exhaust cans, Eduard bang seats and cockpit PE, and AMS splitter ramps and chin pod. Carl
  24. I just ordered the Tamiya kit this morning. Not sure yet which markings. It will be my first Phantom build ever. UPDATE: Tamiya F-4J kit Aires cockpit S-H intakes and nozzles Eduard placards Nautilus alignment jig MicroScale #32-28 VF-92 Silver Kings - USS Constellation decals
  25. In my bid to build a “more†accurate F-4 Phantom II cockpit than is currently available several interesting facts have come to light. The latest being that the Tamiya cockpit floor depth is too shallow by about 4 scale inches while the side consoles are correct; both with respect to the canopy sill. Out of that comes the issue that nearly all ejection seats available are sized to sit at the proper height when installed in the Tamiya cockpit and will sit too low in a cockpit with the correct floor depth. So I dug out all of the Phantom ejection seats I have in my stash and here is what I have found. Aires has an Mk 7 seat without harness in their F-4J cockpit set and available separately. Quick Boost has the Aires Mk 7 seat with harness. Otherwise it is the same as the Aires seat. Paragon has an Mk 7 seat that the height is sized to fit the Revell cockpit or a correct depth cockpit. Reheat Models has an Mk 7 seat that like the Paragon is sized for the deeper cockpit floor. Eduards Mk 7 seat appears to be better sized to fit the deeper cockpit but is “made†for the Tamiya kit. Verlinden does an Mk 7 seat that is sized to fit the Tamiya cockpit. TAC Scale Mk 7 sized to fit Tamiya True Details has an Mk 7 seat that is sized to fit the Tamiya cockpit. AMS Resin has an Mk 7 seat (USN/USMC and USAF versions) sized for the Tamiya cockpit. AMS Resin has an H5 version also made for the Tamiya cockpit. Other than Aires I have not included the seats that come in other AM cockpit sets as the cockpit except the Legend set are designed for the Tamiya kit so the seats are sized to fit them. Here are photos for comparison; in the second “lineup†I have included the Tamiya seat. IMO it appears that the Paragon, Reheat and Eduards seats are better suited for the Revell cockpit or a scale depth cockpit while the others are best suited for the Tamiya cockpit. Disclaimer; I make no attempt to extol the virtues of one over another only show the height differences. Barry
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