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  1. Maybe the MFH 1/20 is bigger than the Tamiya? I only throw that in because the Reji 1/12 seatbelt set from Spot Models was as I said earlier far too big for 1/12th. Obviously someones scale ruler was wrong! Maybe if you contact Hiroboy by email and ask them to measure the size of the buckles? They're usually pretty accommodating in my experience. Anyway good luck with the Harrier. Dave
  2. Hi Dave, have you tried Hiroboy? https://www.hiroboy.com/ If not then some guys on Shapeways do 3D printed items in a variety of scales although delivery can be slow but for car stuff I can recommend Spot Models in Spain https://www.spotmodel.com/ I've just received an order in 6 days using their cheapest shipping method, this included some 1/12 seat belt hardware but they are HUGE, more like 1/8 scale. Best Balsa Kits in the Netherlands are also pretty quick with shipping but you have to email Wim with your order which can be a bit cumbersome. !/18th Harrier eh? Got an extensi
  3. Ahhh, the combined joys of tourist traffic and farm tractors on narrow lanes! I've lived in Cornwall for 12 years and wouldn't live anywhere else in the UK, generally decent but instantly variable weather, easy access to world class beaches, take your breath away scenery, good walking and surfing and (when they are open) great pubs and restaurants of all standards up to Michelin star. I have to work up country so do (normally) travel the A30/M5 route every week, it's rare that I get held up but traffic flow in summer is very much slower so I time my trips at unsociable hours! Lockdow
  4. I'm going to do something I normally hate, comment on a photograph of a new model! But the top intake line looks too flat, shouldn't it have a rise just aft of the cockpit? Spey Phantoms seem to "hunch up" there. Or is this just me? I don't want this taken as criticism, I couldn't make something like this but if these are masters then there is time to make adjustments if required.
  5. Tim, I built one last year and it fought me all the way. My example was a fairly recent pressing and the mould alignment was out resulting in prominent seams around everything, which makes for a lot of tedious clean up particularly all those lovely tubular cockpit frames. I did a Battle of France machine and made early four spoke main wheels using wheel hubs from the Airfix 1/24 Spitfire grafted into the slightly larger ones from the Hurri, as well as the Spitfire spinner sanded to make a more pointed DH prop. I bought the Yahu instrument panel and it is lovely but it didn't fit very well a
  6. I'm no expert on the Q version of the F-4E and as far as I am aware there is no kit available of it but isn't it a drone/target conersion so most of the differences are internal (black boxes and wiring) to enable unmanned operation? Externally it has new antenna fitted and a hi viz paint job. Should be a reasonably easy conversion of a late model E (or you could go G using the Revell kit) but getting to an accurate late model E is another story! I think Jake Melampys F-4 book has photos of a QF-4 of some description. Some of our 'Merican friends will chime in with more info I'm sure. Dav
  7. Any plans for a two seater? So much sexier.
  8. Thanks Kev. Just doing some research on the F-4S, never really took much notice of it as a sub type before but it is becoming my favourite version of the Rhino, it just looks "right" somehow.
  9. Thanks to all for their positive responses and the request for more pictures, the sun shone for an hour or so this morning so I took some more pictures and taking advantage of the new 15 photos per mail I shall now proceed to bore you silly, Again, speak up if you see any foobars, I have another to build as an F-4S so it will help get that right. Dave
  10. Hi all, thanks for your kind comments. In answer to the question on the exhausts, they are the resin ones and Kev, of course you can, I am honoured but maybe wait until tomorrow as I will do some more pictures? Dave
  11. Well, it's been a long haul but I'm finally calling this done, Tamiya's 1/32 F-4J finished as ZE352 74 Squadron RAF 1988. I bought the kit originally to do an FG1 conversion but with a kit being announced shortly after receipt decided I didn't need the pain of all that cutting and filling. As we all know the UK J's were delivered in a funny colour so I wanted to emulate that but also wanted to do a scheme that was a bit out of the ordinary, ZE352 in 1988 seemed to offer this, she was bit worn and tired, had a replacement panel in RAF Barley grey and some zap graffiti. So this is what I was a
  12. Hi Reubin, I built the Tamiya kit as a MKVII a couple of years ago, it's on the site: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=48754 I cheated with the rear part of the canopy but overall I was happy withe result. Best of luck with your build, keep us posted on its progress. Dave
  13. Just received my set of modern jet labels and warnings- first of all exceptional service, ordered in the very early hours of Friday morning (well you have to do something constructive on nights!) and delivered to my door in darkest Cornwall on Monday morning, on top of that they are exquisite. Very finely printed (Fantasy Printshop?) and will add the finishing touch to your jet cockpit, thoroughly recommended, well done Peter. Dave
  14. Surely easier just to build theTamiya kit OOB? Or am I missing something obvious?
  15. I believe you Tom, and I can imagine the Tamiya inlets are not totally correct I just couldn't get my head around the differences. Your explanation of the ramp/inlet functions make sense and explain the hunch shoulder of the Brit inlets. Jennings, I never thought the HKM kit would be based on the Tamiya kit and with all the help they are getting it should be an excellent rendition. So even if I build the Tamiya kit as an F-4J(UK) It looks like I need new inlets! C'est la vie...... Dave
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