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Found 19 results

  1. Hello everyone, Here are some pictures of my F-16D taken from my book "Hangar No 1" co-created with the the excellent modeler Jarek Rydzu Rydzyński. Academy model with several additions including: - Cockpit: Wolfpack WP32030 - Canopy: Eduard 32692 - Wheel Bays: Aires 2129 - Exaust Nozzle: KASL Hobby K32002 - Decals: Techmod 32057 Happy modeling my friends, Rene joycraft.ca
  2. Now that I’ve got the ‘Flanker’ out of the way, and a clear bench that says “get something built”, I suppose I better tackle my next bout of insanity. It’s a really doozy as well. I have 4x F-16s that will have various colourful schemes applied, rather than a bunch of grey jets. All to be built inflight and posed on stands, I’m over gear down builds these days as I just can’t do the gear and bays justice. So here’s what I have….. 2 Tamiya F-16Cs kits. 2 Academy F-16I kits. And what I plan to do with them….. The ‘Zeus’ aircraft is a new build of a model I’d already built before, but the paint suffered some failure and cracked beyond any reasonable attempt at repair. So, I decided to do it from the ground up again. I’m saving the parts unique to the ‘Thunderbirds’ jet, and saving them for a future build when I get my head around creating a custom mask from the decals. This will take my Viper collection to 6 in total, when they’re finished. It goes without saying, that this one will be a slow burner once the plastic has been built. I won’t bore everyone with the building process, most here know all of that, and will know what an F-16 work in progress goes like. I don’t intend to go into any major conversion/backdating work for individual blocks, just using what’s available in the boxes to make them look like the jets they’re being based on. They’re all about the paint schemes for me. I’ll probably stop by with the occasional seat/pilot figure photo, production line progress shot, and go into the nuts and bolts of each individual paint scheme as it’s applied. That’s me sorted ‘til summer ‘22. Catch up with you all soon. Pete.
  3. I haven't built a helicopter since I was a kid! This could be ugly. From the sound of it this Academy 1/35 kit should come with a cheat code to help me out - good engineering, a quality kit. The plastic sure looks beautiful. Excited about doing a Marine Zulu on the USS Boxer, Amphibious Ready Group. There's a couple BuNu on the Marine Skid Zulu sheet. The Evil Eyes Pirate appeals to me as i played Captain Red Beard the pirate at campouts for the Cub Scouts when my kids were growing up :-) I've really been trying not to spend any extra money on my builds but this one needs the full motion video mod and without the rotor fold not sure where it would fit so it may be time to spend a little on upgrades. What are the odds I won't use purchasing 1 upgrade to justify the full metal jacket?
  4. She is all done and looking to throw down some ordnance! This is the Academy 1/35 Viper. I used the Flying Leathernecks decals, so many to choose from - I decided on the Red Skeleton Jolly Roger of VMM-163. I picked up the Werner Wings decals for all the stencils. And of course you have to use some of the kit decals as well. I ended up buying Eduard seatbelts to really match everything else done in the cockpit. Since i was spending money on shipping why not get more right, so i picked up DefModels 20mm gun barrels as well :-) And with my jolly roger choice I needed some full motion video which I got from Shapeways. The cockpit additions are all scratch built. My favorite add is the tiny wound cable behind the gunner’s seat. Lot’s to see in this one. All the plastic behind the PE vents was cut away and wiring and components were added. Hard to see with my camera skills tho but I did my best to show something ;-) The target sight system is custom built. You can just see the gold reflector behind the Flying Leathernecks iridescent decal while the the camera type components are more visible. The 4 sensors(plume maybe?) on the corners are hand painted and filled with testors window maker to try and simulate the glass. The pitot is brass tubing bent and sanded to shape. The seal where the stub wing meets the fuselage was painted and then coated with mask solution so upon final painting it could be uncovered for a little added detail. And lastly some inspiration from a local buddy of mine, goes by Bradley25mm over on the IPMS forum - fine detailing the tail rotor gear assembly with wiring, sensors, and wire clips. His looks awesome and he gave me lots of pointers on this build. The most recent of which was the base. The deck of the USS Boxer is 80grit sandpaper. Many thanks to Starfighter at Scale Navy Stuff for providing the awesome, to scale, padeyes you see on the base!! Well worth it. The hellfires are custom hand painted. My kids love Rick & Morty cartoon and the main character turns himself into a hellfire so a set of missiles is a tribute to the show. The other set is from pics I found online of what looks like a winged Komodo Dragon. Paint was my usual mix of MCW with 1 addition this time. Thanks to Starfighter for the recommendation on color choices for the upper bluish gray on these birds. I ended up with Mission Models as they were available locally. Primer is Citadel Chaos Black (satin). Color coats are Mission Model and MCW acrylic lacquer. Cockpit is all done in Vallejo colors. Weathering is all Flory Models washes. And the final flat clear is MCW to close it out. I’ve been looking forward to building this model for some time and am excited to show these pics. adding one more...my wife loved this one most, btw check out those padeyes!
  5. Looking for aftermarket pilot and gunner figures to add to the excellent Academy AH-1Z kit. Your recommendations are appreciated!
  6. Hey everybody! New set out - AH-1Z for Academy newest release in 35th scale. Features exterior and interior canopy masks and substitutes for most of the insignia included in the kit.
  7. Every year the IPMS FAME CITIES Ed Kinney Chapter sponsors a contest theme for – ‘Anything USMC ‘- in memory of Ed Kinney. This year I'm determined to have an entry. With the parts from spares and the Academy kit supplied by red dog and Dragon plus a detailed review of The Designers page I think I'm ready to turn Hasegawa's prototype F-18 into a Desert Storm F/A-18A! I picked up an Avionix cockpit and tail modification kit, got some stainless screens from AMUR.Reaver, now I just have to decide which Flying Leathernecks decal sheet to buy. I've got to have it ready for the September meeting. I've spent the last couple weeks pouring over Pete's Scale Hornet guide so I'm totally psyched. This will also be my first big effort at weathering so please feel free to throw out any guidance as we build this one together 😆
  8. This build was for our local clubs Marine tribute in honor of past club President, avid modeler, and Marine Ed Kinney. I wanted to do a Desert Storm Hornet from the Hasegawa F-18 kit I had. Going through all the options I decided on a stinger from VMFA-451 because it received a purple heart for damage incurred from a SAM missile to the sidewinder station. The Warlords frlew out of Shaikh Isa AB in Bahrain. The Warlords were also the first Marine unit to attack Iraqi locations in Desert Storm so there was alot of history here to model. This has been my most involved build, which ended up taking 6 months to complete (although there were a few family interruptions and that leaking 2nd floor bathroom lol but that's another "remodeling" story). Forward dating the model, which was essentially the prototype AC, was a chore helped along by 3 great LSP'ers. A big round of applause to RedDog, Dragon & Dandiego who donated parts from their stash, the Academy kit(a special note, that's RedDog's belly tank you see), and some aftermarket resin! To this I added the Avionix cockpit and tail resin F/A-18A conversion set, AMR Reaver screens and vents, Flying Leathernecks decals, TwoBobs ordnance decals, a Navy pilot from my stash plus alot of scratch building. My logic on weathering was that since this stinger was in action my first time weathering efforts would be ok if they were a little on the heavy side. I learned as I went along, practicing on the Haz parts I didn't use before doing the real thing. I used The Scale Hornet by Jake Melampy for reference. My WIP page has all the details on scratch buildings and techniques used to complete the project. Check it out! Let's start with some main profile shots and then I can add some details in second post (Note the flap and tail position are set for the takeoff orientation I use on the stand).
  9. I've seen on Metro Hobbies website there is an upcoming release from Academy of a 1/32 F/A-18+ Limited edition with RAAF decals. Does anyone know what scheme will be with this release? Is this one of the "special projects" Steve at Ronin Graphics has been hinting at on his Facebook page? https://metrohobbies.com.au/academy-1-32-f-a-18-vmfa-232-red-devils.html
  10. Well, here goes... Not every prototype aeroplane was a success, and here are a couple that weren't The one on the left will be the unique F.1/4 (or 4F.1, or whatever) taper wing prototype built by Sopwith in 1917 and tested at Martlesham Heath. I bought an Academy kit ages ago pretty cheap, and read reviews of the kit afterwards. The wings were, um, unusual. The usual description is 'like a starving cow' which is pretty fair. I could see I was going to have to do a lot of work on them to get something reasonable so I shelved the kit. Only, in the back of the Camel datafile is a lovely drawing by Ian Stair. hmm, what an interesting 'plane. And if I was going to have to work on the wings anyway.... On the right is B3811, delivered in July 1917 with a Gnome Monosoupape engine. This is the Academy Clerget Camel kit, which I also bought cheap. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a bodger, so fitting one of the less usual engines appealed to me. The engine is the Roden one, the Academy Clerget has gone into the taper wing plane In the middle is the Part photoetch kit (S32030) - it's very useful for dressing up one of these kits - I've just ordered another one for 3811 Looks like this is just the wrong time for this thread, I guess LSP is about to get overrun with WNW camel builds Richard
  11. Well, the HK Mossie is in the homestretch so time to join in on this GB. In addition to the kit, I've got the Eduard Big-Ed set and the Master brass barrels for the nose gun.
  12. Here's the boxtop of my entry. It won't be started right away as I still have other kits on the workbench that need to be finished. I'll probably do it straight OOB.
  13. I've finally finished a model of my own for the year, although I could have picked a better kit to start with. I bought this for about 9 bucks years ago when it was about the only Mirage III you could buy in the scale. I had visions of converting it into a Mirage V Dagger, but with the coming of the new Kinetic kits, I don't need to do that anymore. There isn't much to say about the plastic, apart from; it's a poorly detailed, ill-fitting, obsolete relic. A Britmodeller member was kind enough to send me his leftover decals from the Eduard kit and these were really nice to use. If you have this in the stash, just buy the Eduard kit. I did get the pink a little dark, but it'll do.
  14. Having a break from wing things for a little bit. I have been wanting to build some type of 1/35 tank for years and after seeing some great examples at a recent model expo I was hooked. I purchased and have been building my first ever armor vehicle being a cheapish but pretty good quality Academy Tiger 1 tank. Being my first I just want to have fun and even got my daughter helping me. No great expectations or modelling skills here just fun. Just knowing how beat up these things were is comforting to know I will be able to cover up any mistakes. I still want to end up with something to be happy with so I'm not quite just slapping it together and I am learning how to use my new Aztec 470 airbrush. Having good sessions and not so good (with airbrush but getting better) So far,,, fun factor 10. The basic build was easy and not tooooo time consuming. I'll post the rest of the build in pictures.
  15. Well, I'm in. Started cutting styrene today. Which kit? Stay tuned. Want to make an in-flight display with some troops on the ground too. M-ATVs, to be correct. Two or three of them. Yes, we are going to the Stan... Regards - dutik
  16. Hello Is there a after market ATAR nose. For the Academy F/A-18D Hornet? Also seamless Intake's that is the right size!!! not like the narrow ones in the kit Thank You Danny
  17. As a companion build to my F-5C, here is one a little more straight forward. I had forgotten about this kit in the stash. Upon opening the box, I noticed that I had started a bit of the cockpit. Mostly I had removed some of the panels in front for replacement with PE. So this definitely is less than 25% done. You can just make out the replacement PE panels on the left side of the box. Carl
  18. Hello at the moment work is going slowly on my cobra and i have fun building helos. So im going to build a few more. This is wha i hope to reach when compleet. What i will be using as a base kit is the academy black hawk. It whas a second hand kit and there where a few things done but not much. For reference pics i just used google and now i have a pic of 150. now the only thing i need is paitince and a lot of plastic card. Mark
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