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  1. Hello guys, I'm about to start a big scratch building project. I've got 3 view plans that have no scale, 'been planning to correct that by enlarging the plans to 1/32nd using photoshop but...well, I know how big the darn plane is but from where to where must I measure? Must one include the pitot probe? Or from the nose to the end of fuselage? Or to the end of the drift plane? Any info welcome! Thanks.
  2. Thanks for your thoughts guys! I'll take your collective advice and sand the detail down to almost nill. I too thought it was way to visible specially on the rudder... Klaus thanks for the wiring part too! I'll look into it! Bill, funny the way we have of starting same models at the same time....or is it just because its a classic? I found this intresting build on a Swiss forum (in french). Here is the link: romandie maquettisme The AC I'm planning is black 7 of 5./ JG 54 (If this profil is under copyright or whatever its called please let me know and I'll take it off, thanks)
  3. I know the primed parts look a bit messy but I'm quite happy with them, particularly the tyres. I'm quit sure some painting will camoflage the messes here and there. Thanks for looking folks !!
  4. Some work has also been done on the pit area. The Kit's seat was modified and a cushion added with a 2 component glue. Also made the oxygen thingy from the kits sprue. 2 little fittings were built with copper wire just above the seat too. Not visible on this pic is the map case and wiring in the forward part of the pit (in other words invisible).
  5. The front most tyre is finished, the one in the rear has just been un masked and awaits sanding. Please note the simulated mud along certain threads !
  6. The trim was slightly relocated to match th plans. I read that many 190s had patterns on the tires, so I tried that as well:
  7. This primer thing was first tried on the rudder, which needs some sanding as it was overdone.
  8. The pic above shows the elevator with the masks positioned. Below, one finished elevator and the lower one just unmasked.
  9. It seems we don't have enough of these birds around, so i'm taking it on me to finally do one! I've been doing short run kits for about 2 years now, so when I got my scalpel into this one, what a shock! The plastic was so hard I couldn't cut it, details every where so I didn't dare sand them and...and well, I almost gave up! Took me some nerve to finally see it as any other kit. Weird? This 190 spent several lonley weeks on my desk wondering weather it was going to get stuffed back into the box or turned into a plane. After some reading (and flying on Il 2) I decided it would be the latter. If all goes well, I should end up with Lt. Emil (my second name hehe) Lang's A5. I found the scheme of 2 greens, brown/tan and rlm 76 intresting as well as aesteticlly pleasing. Not being an expert on the 190 (or any plane ) please feel free to point out any stupid mistakes or omissions!! So here goes.... First thing I noticed while staring at the sprues was the strange dot-like details on all of the moving planes. This seemed incorrect so I thought it would be a good excuse to try the "primer method" of building up detail. First rudder and elevators were detached from fuselage and tail plane. Then the detail dots were scalpeled away and the parts were sanded in the usual way. Scaled plans of the rudder and elevators were printed, then printed again but this time with masking tape taped in the appropriate places. After some minutes drying, the masking tape is layed on tamiya tape to give some more thickness. The recessed parts are then cut out and placed in position. Several thick layers of primer are then sprayed on. When dry, the masks were peeled off and sanded. Finally a couple of coats of paint was spray caned on.
  10. Hi Smoke, great work so far! Scratching is real fun and you have definately got a hand for it! Also hope the best for your Father. GV
  11. Also sweated trying to get the engine cowl to sit still. OOB it fits just fine, but my modified exhausts gave me trouble ( actually nothing was changed on the kit's pipes, I addded a small exhaust on either side and this was the cause of my afore mentioned headaches). I'm trying (very hard) to write an article for our favorite site, so heres a sneak preview of the finished bird
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