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  1. Seconded Ian, but don't let it divert your attention from the Lightning project for Telford!
  2. Hi Roy, Spoke to Tony. apparently having "bounced along the runway" the project came to a shuddering halt. real shame as i would certainly have a set of decs off him. Tony?!
  3. Thanks for that. The irony is ,I got the kit from Tony T in the first place. Ill pester him now!
  4. Nope Ill be doing one whatever as a "commission" for a friend of mine who was a Marine during op Telic1 so it just Has o be a HS2 Could you let me know the additions I need, im not too familiar with the Hook.
  5. Just a quick enquiry. Does anyone know of a conversion set for the D model to an RAF HC2?. also wether there are any decals etc available?
  6. Nice work there Iain. I've just got my sticky mitts on a reasonable priced F2a F6 kit for my 11 sqdn project. I will definitely be in the market for some if not all of the correction bits, purely dependant on what I can get away with for my "not too picky" eye. On that note, have you considered marketing these as the individual parts, as you have suggested, and in addition putting out a comprehensive "one stop shop" kit which includes the whole shooting match, at a price less that the retail sum total of the individual parts? Gives potential punters even more choice. One other thought. The Zacto canopies (Corsair and Flanker) include a separate resin canopy frame and fittings. would the replacement include one? I look forward to having a good butchers at your work at Telford. Keep it up!
  7. thank you very much guys you really know how to make someone very proud. I really hope I can keep these standards up with future models thanks ever so much again you really make me feel proud. Thanks again guys Josef P. S cant wait for you to see my brothers work.
  8. Yep sorry folks, stoopid of me of course, His name is Josef and I will speak to him about joining as his modelling interest spans loads of areas and subject matter im sure hell be along shortly...
  9. To finish the "what can be achieved" lesson I have showed my lad all of your very encouraging replies and he is made up! Thanks to all. Basically We covered all the bases in terms of techniques that I use. We went through paint mixing and airbrushing , a little pre shading and washing. however that was for the outside, up to that point Josef completed the interior including crew, PE belts and consoles, hand painted with Citadel acrylics and washed with mud brown. The outside was painted with a mix of Humbrol enamels and Citadel washes and with the exception of a couple of "too close" blobs which I covered up it was mostly his own work. I applied the nose decal as he was too nervous but the rest were applied by Jo including the blade tip decals and Army markings. PS there are fingerprints on one of the door glass panels but they dont show up that badly. Thanks again all.
  10. Hi all, I must say im proud to submit this for your viewing. My 13 year old son recently "pestered" me for a larger scale Huey to build. Now I must say that his and his brothers bedroom resembles the Davis Monthan of unassembled albeit smaller kits, so you can imagine my reluctance when we were at RIAT, he spied this 1/35 Dragon offering, including the PE. Following several pretty pleases and promises to complete I relented an bought the said kit with a lot, and i mean a lot of trepidation. Its very expensive to be sat incomplete. Im glad to say however that he was true to his word and finished it (well almost) and here it is. Yes there are a couple of mistakes which will no doubt be spotted and despite a little help here and there I think he has done the kit proud.
  11. That Sir, is beauty personified. The seat is outstanding, and I love the open avionics cabinet. I have one of these in the stash to be done in bare metal finish a la Fancy Girls 3. This is sheer inspiration. More photos please!
  12. Hi Folks, just been browsing some of my photos and found these two builds. Not recently completed (last year) I built them for a friend who loves both the Tomcat and Phantom and also the original VF 84 Jolly Rogers. He had the kits bought him but in his words "Cant build for toffee" so I did em for him as birthday pressies. Both kits are Tamiya oob excuse the photography, its my dining room table! F4 first F 14 Hope you like.
  13. Hi folks, Just started prodding one of Trumpeters wonderful MK1 Swordfish and its obvious from the builds on here, i have a lot to live up to. My question relates to additional details, i.e has anyone any experience of the Eduard sets? Interior, Exterior, hinges and buckles, if so is it worth the extra investments bearing in mind the whole big ed set comes in at £49.00 If not should I plumb for the interior, exterior or hinge set. Im trying to execute something different in that Im using one half of the clear fuselage and masking the area around the cockpit so that lovely detail isnt lost forever. I know this kit builds into a beauty in its own right but is the cost of nearly another aircraft justified and will it change it massively?
  14. Great news! I dont think there is a "definitive" book on the Tornado (I stand to be corrected) however a good book is "Tornado a history" by Peter Foster. This basically outlines the development of the GR4A from the GR1 and the major differences against the "standard" GR4 and associated systems. Hope this helps.
  15. Yep Id be interested. Would you include stuff like flaps and slats, strengthened undercart, weighted wheels etc the undercarriage being a must as with all the resin this bird really does get heavy! Likewise a quality F3 conversion is long overdue but there are tons of differences between the two versions as you probably know. For references, you might like to speak to Spike7451 on Britmodeller, Ex Tornado Armourer, likewise there is a load of info here
  16. Yup a Grippen would be lush, but a splinter camo Viggen would be even lusher! Im going to need a bigger house! Well done Mr Song
  17. Trumpeter...love em particularly as at the mo they are producing the subjects that interest me. Im not biased its just that way. Inaccuracies? where do we as modellers draw the line? we could all probably pick fault with virtually every kit that hits the market place adding bits here, shaping bits there. Without such "issues" there would be no after market, market or business 's supplying it. Surely this makes our hobby as a whole that much more fulfilling? I am not holding Trumpeter up above any of the other manufacturers but recently we have had direct links with the company in the form of Mr Song who is frequenting the forums ,collecting feedback and apparently listening. Results? we have yet to see. How many of the other larger manufacturers are doing that? Whatever comes out of a Trumpeter box in my house looks vaguely like a Flanker / A10 / Corsair / Thunderchief /mig 29 / Mig 21 *delete as appropriate. Easilly pleased I guess.
  18. That is one lovely build! I must say I am impressed with the Red Devils sheme ever since I saw it in the flesh at the Dullas Museum. Yours is beautifully executed!
  19. Pete, Timmy, just found this thread and I have to say it is amazing stuff! Its quite literally and very successfully merged modelling with engineering and I have to say you are both very talented to be able to do that. Keep up the great work, ill carry on sticking stuff together!
  20. Thank you all for the positive replies. I must say I cannot fault the correction sets they are works of art in themselves, however, it is not until you make a direct comparison of the kit parts and Chris's sets that you realise just how misshapen the kit itself is. The kit parts conspire to make the finished article look somewhat squat and rounded as if the plane has been driven into a wall, BUT and here is the BUT the kit will make up into a perfectly good representation of the Flanker just that the corrections add the icing to the cake. They (the Zacto parts) are easy to work with and contain clear instructions. I did experience difficulty with the intakes but that was due to the bottom half of the kit moulding being slightly warped. Overall I would very highly recommend the correction sets but only if budget allows. In My book they are a "nice to have" not a "Have to have", depends on how fanatical you want to be about accuracy. (Oh Oh I think iv'e just become a heratic!)
  21. That is a lovely build of an unusual subject. well done combining the resin with the vac.
  22. Thanks folks, It was certainly a labour of love and Hate! Many a time i could have easily abandoned it! build thread is Here for those interested.
  23. Hi folks, dipping my toe in the water of displaying one of my completed builds, , I present to you Sukhoi SU27 "Blue 03" of the 9th GvIAP Kilp-Yavr. Basically the Trumpy 1/32 bird with Zacto nose, intakes and canopy corrections Totally ficticious (im sure) weapons loadout. Model Master, Humbrol and Citadel paintwork with Linden Hill decals which are works of art in themselves. I also utilised a salt weathering technique in order to replicate worn and faded paintwork. This was build as part of a group build over on Britmodeller. Excusing the crap photography, here is the final result. Thank you and goodnight!
  24. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery, Iv'e got one of these to do and I will certainly be taking the same route as your good self. That build is superb and I love the colour scheme, didnt even know it existed but then again Iv'e not really started my research yet. Beautiful stuff. dunno if ill do it the same justice though
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