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  1. Following your progress with interest as I am at about the same stage. If I may just comment on the fuselage waistline - I have just spent two solid days work trying to get the sharp edged waistline where the fuselage spine meets the sides. Photo 10 on page 23 of the Aviattic booklet clearly shows this crisp line. regards David
  2. Thanks for all think kind words everyone - much appreciated! The figures were almost entirely painted with Lifecolor acrylics and a touch of Vallejo Model Air for the final finish on the leather elements. Regards David
  3. Hello everyone, I have just finished shooting some pics of my interpretation of HK's B-17G. I have been serialising my progress in AIR Modeller Magazine over the past 22 months so it feels pretty good to have this finished and that it comes close to my own expectations for the kit. I spent quite some time adding detail to the interior much of which is now hidden but the work on the nose, cockpit and top turret really paid off. I modified the waist windows to replicate the earlier pattern doner rear fuselage and added Brasin wheels, 50 cal breech, exhausts and Master 50 cal barrels. The bare metal finish was my first attempt using AK Interactive True Metal and I think it speaks for itself - everything else is Gunze Mr Color. To finish it off I added some crew using figures from the Wings Cockpit Figures range and took this shot under some genuine English skies for authentic lighting (once it stopped raining and blowing a gale). I hope you like her. regards David AIR Modeller Magazine
  4. Ha ! Neither have I ! I didn't have any instructions ! The plus point is that you can just wipe it off and start again. Hope you can crack it as I think the results are well worth it. regards David
  5. Hello everyone, Looking at your latest tests Kev I suspect that you are applying it too thickly and over too big an area at a time so drying is occurring leading to the lumpy finish. My experience is that even working over small areas at a time it can be applied quickly and I managed the entire B-17 wing in less than an hour - an they don't come much bigger than that! Here are some images I took of my technique - if i get time I may try a video but don't hold your breath! I apply it with a flat brush very lightly loaded - a little goes a long way and of course you need a good polished surface before you apply the Alclad base. Spreading it out quickly - small gaps are not important - this area will cover from the inspection port (above my thumb) to the end of the panel with the double riveted border. working fast I use my finger to spread the paste and blend into the adjacent area on the left that has already been treated. Keep it moving! Keep burnishing until the finish stabilises - i.e. it does not change as you work it. You can wipe down with a soft cloth but I find the only transfer is coming from my rubbing finger! To answer the question about the decals - yes they were applied directly onto the True Metal - no sealant or varnish. I hope these help! regards David AIR Modeller Magazine
  6. Kevin has asked me to add my experiences with True Metal which I have used on my 1:32 B-17. I was going to use Alclad when the True Metal came along and a quick test on the cowlings showed a musch more realistic metal finish. Alclad left - Alclad plus True Metal right: I had already primed the model with Mr Primer Surfacer and polished it and then applied a coat of Alclad aluminium. I worked in small areas with a brush to apply the true Metal and then immediately spread it and polished it with my finger tip - moving really fast before its starts to dry. This is the result. I did not polish this after application, this finish is just from finger tip burnishing. As I went on with the project I found that applying paint on top of the True Metal was problematic. The finish does not lift off on masking but paint applied on it will lift. With this experience I now mask and clean off the True Metal with White Spirits before applying paint - back to the Alclad base and this eliminates the problem. I found no problems with the decals either I have been learning how to work with this product in the course of painting the B-17 and weathering will be with acrylics rather than oil based products but I really think the results are worth a few teething troubles ! regards David AIR Modeller Magazine
  7. You can find more info at www.afvmodeller.com - or the AIR Modeller facebook page regards David
  8. Damn it Marty is that another drink I have to buy you in November? You are too kind!
  9. No thats correct Ron, it is of course the biplane. Assisting and inspiring is exactly the intention as I suspect there are quite a few modellers who dont know what fun they are missing out on! regards David
  10. No problem Stephen, lozenge is the way to go I think - I certainly dont like the pale blue schemes!
  11. As the chap who made the Gotha that's on the cover I can confrim that the Gotha is based on the colour profile by Ronnie Bar in the Windsock guide to building the Gotha. Photos of this aircraft are in both the Windsock guide and on P14 of the Wingnuts instruction book - which incidentally shows other Gotha IVs with lozenge schemes too. Looks like a little more reference might help? regards David
  12. Thanks for the kind words everyone - much appreciated! This was a test shot built without decals or instructions and with the modified canopies. These sadly still lack the rounded corners on the opening section despite my attempts to get it changed. My only mods were a new pilot's seat cushion, recessed rivet detail on the seat back, headrest separated from the seat, HGW seatbelts and a reworked cockpit rear wall for the stripped out radio/radar gear, new brake cables on the main gear struts and rotated the nose wheel. The canopy was also cut down of course! Kev, sure that would be fantastic - let me know if you need anything from me.
  13. Hello everyone, Some shots of my build which I have been sitting on until the release of the Concept Note. The model represents the test aircraft used in the ejector seat tests - hence the cut down canopy and stripped out radio gear. regards David AIR Modeller Magazine
  14. Thanks for all the feedback everyone - very much appreciate the feedback. This one was stalled for quite a while but I would encourage anyone to go for it as it is a superb model. I hope this acts as a motivator! The lozenge scheme is painted using frisk masks. I drew up the pattern on computer then traced out the hexagons onto the film. Proved to be easier than I expected - the wings especially. The nacelles and the gun tunnel were the tricky parts. Markings were modified from the kit decals. The two figures are fresh arrivals from wingscockpitfigures.com and also available from MDC. So much character, they just need a lick of paint. More pics of the cockpit on the AIR Modeller Facebook page and details of where to find the whole feature soon for anyone who's interested. If I have missed anyone's questions please shout out Regards David
  15. Thanks Ernie! I know the feeling - got a selection of WNW kits I want to tackle... I cut a stencil for the lozenges from frisk film - as it's a repeating pattern this was quite easy - apart from the nacelles! Chris - yes, David Parker although my stunt double built this
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