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  1. Oh yes, this is looking to be stunning, really looks right. jon
  2. Its good news as well for those of us who only have one Tamiya Spit available, given their cost. Rgds jon
  3. You wouldn't really think you were building a resin kit, it feels and looks like any other modern limited run injection moulded kit. If you are after one you would have to order direct from Graham at Iconicair website. Rgds jon
  4. The Iconicair Spiteful is a good kit, I found it to be a fairly straightforward build. has standard and extended carberetter intakes and serials for several different aircraft. you can also order a contra prop separately, which I did. Rgds jon
  5. Thanks for sharing the info Dennis, particularly useful for us non Facebookers . Do you know at all his intentions re distribution, in other words how they could be purchased ? Rgds jon
  6. Looks amazing. The only question I have is when will it be out. Oh and will it be suitable for both the Mk VIII and IX kits ? Rgds jon
  7. I must have missed this stunning kit earlier on williamj. Beautifully finished and realistic looking, even down to the photographic lighting which looks like afternoon sunlight ! Rgrds jon
  8. hello Alistair alas no sooner than we spoke 3 spoke wheels appeared on the Hannants website and an E-wing conversion is hopefully heading my way. Would just like to say happy Christmas and a peaceful modelling new year to all on LSP and indeed the wider world. However for those who who are hopping don't expect a Tamiya 1/32 kit any decade soon ! Rgds jon
  9. On the other hand Alistair, are you sure you would not consider a MK 21 conversion, Mk14 griffon cowling, laminar flow wings, extended rudder and contra prop option of course. Just a thought ! Rgrds Jon
  10. That's perfectly understandable Alistair. At the end of the day I need to understand commercial considerations. Barracuda Cast sometimes does wheels in this scale and may take up the Gauntlet. Yes its definitely a nice scale ! Rgrds Jon
  11. Also possibly the shallow teardrop like humps inboard on the upper wings for post war wider tracking undercarriage modification. Rgrds jon
  12. I could think of many things but to try and keep it sensible, 3 spoke wheels for post war aircraft. And a generic 1/24 decal sheet with wartime and post war roundels, serials etc. Rgds jon
  13. you could try a seamstress outlet. Seam to remember ( no pun intended) the one near me has various sizes of plastic beads, some very small indeed, also already drilled of course so perhaps a better option all round. Also Amazon might do them. Rgrds Jon
  14. Sorry I forgot add the DECO decal sheet is for Belgian Air Force post war Spits ! Rgds jon
  15. I have a 1/32 scale Spitfire Mk IX and Mk 14 post war trainer decal sheet done by DACO decals. Last time I looked they still do it. Really prompt service too. Rgds jon.
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