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  1. Well, I have to give props to Ivan. He went the extra mile and did some digging for me. Turns out that my package passed through Miami, FLA on 04-May. Sure enough, USPS tracking shows it as “In transit”. Canada Post is still studiously ignoring it’s existence. This is interesting since I live in Nova Scotia Canada, somewhat east of Maine, and 2,500km from Miami as the crow flies. That’s 1,600 miles for the metrically challenged. How or why it got routed through Miami? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks, Ivan, good communication!
  2. Sadly, no. The info@ email is the only one posted. I could go through PayPal but I don’t want to get thermonuclear on him if I can avoid it. He did reply to me today, so I think we can work this out.
  3. I’m happy to report that I got an email today from Ivan, the proprietor of ModelsUA. He asked me if I wanted a refund or to wait a bit longer. Now that comms have been established, I can work with that. I have heard from other sources that he is reliable, just slow to respond. I had resisted taking the PayPal route because it’s the thermonuclear option. But it’s always there... It is so aggravating that Canada Post has stopped tracking international packages. It’s a great way to make themselves less relevant in the global age. But, hey, what do I know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cheers, Allan
  4. Lol. Yes, people do expect immediate gratification in the internet age. But I predate the internet, so I still have some patience left. It’s a lot easier to deal with delays if I know where the package is.
  5. It’s been 10 weeks and counting, so far for me, with no idea where the package is. I’m curious: how do you know that it’s in the US? Ukrposhta just says “in transit” and Canada Post won’t track it at all. What has been your experience communicating with the vendor? He hasn’t replied to my emails - I’ve made a point not to be confrontational. I was hoping he would help out and start a trace on it, but I’m just getting radio silence. Cheers, Allan
  6. Greetings, I’m curious to know what experience others have had with ordering from ModelsUA in Ukraine. I put in one order, it arrived after 3 weeks. Cool. My second order has been lost in transit between Ukraine and Canada since 14-March. Canada Post tracks almost no foreign packages anymore, so they are no help. Ukrposhta just says “in transit”; my first package never did show a “delivered” status. I would like to have the package traced, but only the sender can do that. I’ve sent emails to the vendor, Ivan, through their info@ email, but get no response. I can handle a delay, what with Covid and all, but what I cannot accept is the lack of communication. Has anybody else had a problem getting ModelsUA to communicate? Cheers, Allan
  7. That Caudron is magnificent! It brings back great memories and reminds me how much I used to love building rubber-powered stick 'n' tissue models! Some of them flew, some of them just crashed, but I always had fun building them. There was nothing like the thrill of watching one actually fly and land undamaged. I still have an ancient kit of the Aeronca C3 ,made by Tern Aero in "Walnut Scale", which is approximately 18"/45cm wingspan. I'm almost afraid to try to build it because the wood is so old. I built their Curtiss Robin, lo these many years ago when grass was green and dinosaurs roamed the earth; it was a beautiful scale model that actually flew well. I recently picked up Guillow's new laser-cut DHC-2 Beaver, because a friend built one and I couldn't resist. It was so much better than the old die cut models that I even threw down for a float kit that they offered for it. If their newer laser-cut models are anything like that one, they have come a long way from the old days of crushed and mangled die-cut parts. Now that you remind me, I should seriously think about digging that Beaver out of the stash. I even have an unopened can of Sig clear dope in my workshop!
  8. Plus 1 Canadian. Late to the party, but what the heck, right?
  9. Fine work, sir! We all have builds like these, so hang in there - you have demonstrated abundant ability to fix problems. I may have a solution for your yellow “blues” in future. For many years I have used U.S. Navy Radome Tan FS33613 as a primer under yellow, red and white. It works fantastically well, doesn’t cause color shift and requires fewer overcoats. Badger Stynylrez has a very similar primer color available, should you wish to try acrylics. Sorry I missed the chance to tell you this before the yellow went on.
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