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  1. Basic and a little rough, but learning as we go... Regards, Len
  2. Thanks, Kev. My kit had all the parts properly cast (re missing parts on trees), no flash to speak of and looks like the flap edges were fully cast. Maybe someone in QC got the message. Still got sprue gates and ejector pin stacks the size of tree trunks. Haven't tackled the engine mounts yet, but may end up fabbing something out of brass. Also - Picked up on your tip about using the mini razor saw to remove the parts from the tree. Works great! Your Dazzlin' Debbie turned out quite dazzling especially the decorative work on the engine cowling! Len
  3. Blues and a little jazz. Never played in a band. Strictly a sidebar hobby.
  4. Paying my respects... I'd like to take a minute to thank the following folks for posting several educational and inspirational build threads for the KH T-6; Max, Kevin, Chuck, Mike, Henry and all the others who posted build threads, kit reviews, sprue shots, etc. I've spent a good bit of time going through these, making notes, redoing a few things, and, not to mention, seeing a lot of stuff I'm not even going to attempt. Thanks Y'all! Cockpit assembly continues... After referencing prior threads, I assembled the floor and seats, each side panel, and the rear panel separately. I a
  5. Thanks all for the comments and likes. First time working with the Eduard p/e stuff. Thanks Max for heads-up on the fuselage fit. I've been through your excellent Harvard build thread more than once. Great reference! Regards, Len
  6. More cockpit with some Eduard bits... Regards, Len
  7. T-6 tale with a happy ending... https://www.mnflyer.com/story/2020/07/01/news/back-in-the-family/1192.html
  8. Watching with great interest. I like Stearmans. Apparently mine is on a slow boat to America...
  9. Thanks Mike and Max for the comments and everyone for the likes. Some very interesting builds going on in the group. Good thing about building kit that’s been out for a while is being able to find some really good build threads and other good stuff. Lots of good info. Thanks! Started with the cockpit this evening. Regards, Len
  10. My Training Day Group Build entry... Building the SNJ version. This is my first "public" build so I am open to critique, comments, and advice. Probably have a lot of questions too... Thanks! Regards, Len
  11. Since I retired, I have several hobby projects going. #1 - Model railroad HO scale switching layout. Spent last several months moving it out of the house and into an outbuilding - started the layout about 10 years ago - perpetual w-i-p... #2 - LSP - w-i-p 1:32 Tamiya Birdcage Corsair currently on the workbench - got all three of them but just doing one at a time - been working on it off and on for about 6 months - first plastic model aircraft since I was about 12 years old... great kit! #3 - Model sailing ships - 2 w-i-p, 1:48 schooner and sloop from kits. Been working on b
  12. Nice work! And some nice photography! Thanks for posting. Regards, Len
  13. Excellent work, Miloslav! Your step-by-step build log is a big help to new folks like me. Thank you for posting. Regards, Len
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