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  1. Excellent! Very nice. Congratulation and welcome!
  2. Excellent build Jan. Saw that on e-Day. Congrats!
  3. Congrats Peter. Very nice! I like you were "brave" enough to go ahead with that dirt trapped by grease style of weathering.
  4. Excellent! Congrats. The best Mi-17 I have seen so far. The weathering is to my taste. Very nice....
  5. Beautiful Milo. This is one of my favourite liveries...
  6. Hi Ron. Many thanks for feedback and I really appreciate your comment. I did not realise "A" versions were missing the hook and checking my reference you are absolutely right! I missed that badly... I will remove the hook and will cover the hook attachment bay. That's great that people like you share the extra knowledge they have and actually push this hobby further. Many thanks again!
  7. Yes. I made my own masks. I used Oramask 810 foil and Silhouette Cameo plotter.
  8. Italeri 1/32 F-104A Starfighter. Between 1958 - 1960 NAVY loaned 3 F-104A Starfighters from USAF to conduct tests of new Sidewinder missiles. Airplanes were based at NAWS China Lake - California. The kit was easy to build but a pain to get ready for natural metal finish I intended to make. Both fuselage halves had panel lines of different width and depth, surface was uneven and lot of sanding and polishing was required. The fuselage was initially sprayed with MR Surfacer 500 from a can and then sanded and polished followed by a layer of gloss white GX1. I used MRP metallic colors for NMF finish. Mostly Silver 128 and White Aluminium tinted with MRP White and MRP transparent paints. Polished by the polishing stick. Rivets were added after the paint job. I left the surface without a top clear coat as it would ruin the sheen of metallic paints. Aires - cockpit and wheel wells Eduard - exhausts, Sidewinders and wheels Model Master - pitot tube Paints - MRP "MR Paint"
  9. Niiiice... Especially those outdoor pics are great!
  10. NIce build and great airbrush job. Congrats!
  11. Thank you Skyhowk! I have not uploaded any WIP pictures yet. PM me if interested...
  12. Thank you Alan. I used MrPaint colors only. Surface was primed with MRP silver primer and I used MRP Titanium as a base color. Then various MRP metallic paints together with MRP clear colors range.
  13. Great build Brent. Congrats! What is the number of MRP green you have used please?
  14. Ahoj Petr. Thanks. I finished F-4C 1.5y ago.
  15. Hi Robert. Thanks for comment. First I upload pictures to Pinterest, then select the picture on the Pinterest and copy URL address to my post.
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