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  1. Thank you very much for your encouraging comments and to LSP_Kevion for Publishing the article! @ Jan and Ben: Yes, I plan coming to the BSMC Show at Putte in December, as usually and I can higfhly recommend this show for every Aircraft modeller! This will be my 22th attendance at Lier Convention/ BSMC! My initial plan was to show the Mirage at the Moson Show 2020, but as you might know, this fantastic event was cancelled for the reason everybody knows about! For now, I consider the following shows, which hopefully will not be affected by the corona visrus: 10 May Siegen-Wilnsdorf, Germany. Show CANCELLED 27 June Kit Saloon 2020 in Lysa nad Labem, Czech Republic 3 July World Expo at Eindhoven-Veldhoven, The Netherlands 10 & 11 October Picchiatelli Trophy 2020, Scanzorosciate (Bergamo), Italy 13 December BSMC in Putte, Belgium But for now, I wish you all the best for the difficult times we are facing now, especially good health! Kind regards Christian
  2. This is a very nice model, congratulations! I like the clean lines of this Aircraft very much. I am still having two Revell kits in my stash and in my opinion, this is still the best 1:32 kit from Revell, even that this is now 20 years old, but still state of the art.
  3. Is there somebody working on a new decal sheet? https://forum.scramble.nl/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=149678
  4. Yes, I did! But some extra work was spent, however the wells are one of the better parts of the kit.
  5. Wow, what a nice Viper! Love, that style of weathering.
  6. Thank you very much for the positive comments. One reason, that I joined this Forum is the relaxed athmosphere, the professionalism and the positive spirit here. For this build, I used a couple of aftermarket parts. Seen on this Picture is the brass pitot tube from Master. On the back end of the fuselage is the new resin Atar 9C from Reskit installed, which is a real beauty! Detail on this one is spectacular, it took me two weeks to paint! The wheels are coming from AMS Harold Offield, as well as the ejection seat. The latter was further enhanced by numerous scratch build parts. The underside was painted with a mixture of Mr. Hobby Aqueous H332 and H335 in a ratin approx. 1:1. The grey of the upper camouflage is consisting of Elita Life Colours RAL7012 (nice paints!), which was filtered with some lighter and darker shades. The Green is coming from Mr. Hobby Aqueous as well, it´s H330. The worn look of the lighter shades of green are painted with highly diluted FS34102 from Hataka Orange. The generic decals are coming from the kit. The EC3/3 "Ardennes" Badges are from Berna Decals, which are actually very thick and not reacting even with the strong red labeled Daco decal softener, which normally brings steel to bend! My supplier Mr. Volkhard Waltermann from Aerospezial asked Mr. Xavier Berna about the decals quality and his reply was, that he recently got a new printer, which behaves different to the old one. Earlier Berna releases are of a much thinner Quality. After this build I found out, that the new thick Berna decals are reacting to IPA quite well. For the future, when I build a EC1/13 air defense Mirage IIIE eventually, I will use IPA as the decal softener for Berna decals. The numbers on the front fuselage, tail and front gear door are custom desigfned and printed by Jürgen Busse. Thank you again, Jürgen!
  7. All in all, I enjoyed the kit and eventually will build a second one later in the future. A Mirage IIIE in an air defense setup of Colmar based EC13 or a Belgian AF Mirage 5BA conversion are Standing Right on top of my to do list in 1:32.
  8. One of the Major problems of the Italeri kit are the intakes, which are looking too slim, which I have reshaped until they looked satisfying. An other problem was the canopy. The one in the kit was warped and completely useless. Italeri and the German importer were kindly enough to spend a free freplacement, junfortunately which wasn´t much better either. They looked blurry and hours of sanding and polishing were spent for a nice result.
  9. The surface of the kit was almost completely redone by engraving new Panel lines and stitching rivets.
  10. The model represents an aircraft of EC3/3, a Martel shooter in the air defense Suppression role.
  11. Hello I am new here and will make my debut with a Mirage IIIE built from the Italeri kit in 1:32. The model took me more than 600 hours to build after some modifications, corrections and refinements were done. The italeri kit generally is a lot better, than the old Revell one, however the quality leaves something to be desired and it is not up to the standard of these days.
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