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  1. I'm just gonna leave this here. This is not fantasy. It is real, and available.I have sold over 100 of these. It has been modified from the kit original to be taller.Further the side glazing area has been enlarged by shrinking down the machine gun wind deflectors. They simply are not as big as Hobby Boss has made them. There are two or more ways to assemble. I provide two.
  2. Images of the sets. Top is reworked Emerson with taller dome. No "stuffed cheek chipmunk" look and actually taller then the Consolidated. As it should be. Two different options for constructing. The lower picture is the two piece Consolidated turret.
  3. Please check my post about B-24 Turret replacements in the vendors board.
  4. sold as single units for $15 each. Available only on Ebay. Internatinal sales welcome. International buyers I suggest buying one Emerson and two Consolidated turret sets to cover the future release of the D version. Save yourself $14 in shipping fee if you buy now and don't wait. All three turrets ship combined for the same shipping fee of one https://www.ebay.com/itm/303098679017 https://www.ebay.com/itm/303098767068
  5. This is the last thing I'm posting. I did exactly as you all have outlined when on Feb28 I posted in the vendors room my resin replacement wheels for Airfix 1/24 classic kits. In the time since, it has received one response and 193 views. Their's that "low foot traffic" and "desert" validation. So with that, I'm out of here and I am sure nobody will miss me. My mission to bring to market replacement/corrected turrets as requested on this thread is up and flying, and available for all, worldwide to enjoy. Go build those big beautiful bombers! I not only talk the talk. I walk the walk. If you wish to follow, and see future products, you can find me on Facebook at Models By109ace. Join if you like. It's where I spend all my time. It's been fun guys.
  6. I was, and did make a point of seeking input on a 1/32 Privateer. so I was keeping that straight. I'd like to know before I jump in, if modelers feel they a have already invested enough into the model themselves that adding another $200.00 or so conversion might break the camels back? The only mention of a different scale was that I have created a Privateer conversion in 1/48 th scale. While I have all my plans out, I can consider a 1/32 one.
  7. you are mistaken. the thread seeks a solution to a problem with the turrets of the Hobbyboss 1/32 B-24. Turrets with issues so bad they render the model basically unbuildable. Over months of running, I offered and followed through on a solution. One that has put 100 turrets in the hands of buyers of the kit. in the past 10 days. Some of them members of this board. If you seek to run me off to the desert of this website. A place with little to no foot traffic, and bury this solution that can benefit all of them, be my guest. You ain't hurting me.
  8. not selling anything here. DISCUSSING!
  9. My 1/48 conversion coming out this weekend maintains my primary focus of easy assembly. There would be 4 cuts in all to et to the basic airframe. I am nt doing mine like the Koster set, or even the Cutting Edge set of 2005. this is all new simplified engineering. While I will have to see what kind of amount of resin will be needed, I'm thinking in the $225 range. Keep in mind, it's a whole nother bird.
  10. What are your all thoughts on a PB4Y-2 Privateer conversion for the Hobbyboss kit? I'm up to my elbows in 1/48 Privateer conversion that I will be releasing this coming weekend. So while I have all the parts, plans and drawings out, I'm thinking maybe taking a serious whack at doing this project.
  11. I don't see anything. PM here with what it is I can help you with?
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