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  1. For the Hobby Boss of course. Kit is in hand. Plans ready for upscaling. Fresh can of Bondo, files, sandpaper, and sandable automotive primer await. Allow about two months for release. Sooner if i can help it. Hope it will be as successful as my 1/48 scale version. I am making an early prediction that pricing will be at or north of $250.00. And less then $300.00. But it's going to be awesome!
  2. Noted. But the modeler has to commit to either wanting the wheelwells closed up. Or keeping the toy like retracting landing gear. When was the last time any manufacturer engineered landing gear that functioned?The wing guns never looked right with their panels opened. Again, a gaping hole into the wing. You got to pick your battle.
  3. It's a great bargain for a $15 set that includes $10.00 wheels. They are handed and I no longer have the wings loaned to me to create the set. Otherwise I'd mark the masters before packing. Sorry about the tail wheel. Next time you're in the states let me know and I'll send you the tail wheel. If you did not get the 109 set, let me know and I'll toss a set in for your troubles. The guy that loaned me the wings from his personal kits is sending me the P-51 Mustang set. I will be making a replacement wheelwell set for that kit. I have the wheels to make masters from coming up soon.
  4. The Emerson is actually easier. The clear dome is featureless to make removal of the die from the vac easier. You may see a small dimple at the top of the dome. That is created by a vent hole in the die. Otherwise suction makes it impossible to remove the die. That dimple should line up perfectly at the top of the kit supplied entry doors. take the added vacuformed front piece, ( the one with the wind deflectors and center glass molded in the vac ) hold it opposite the entry doors and make three straight cuts to fit the part into the dome. I have modified the dome from the kit original by increasing the height to eliminate the squat look of the turret. I have also made the gun wind deflectors less deep so to create the large glass area at the turret sides. also the back of the resin bottom has a hashed area that must be cut out and replaced with the kit doors. It is there to aid in casting and removal of the cast part from the mold. My mission with these sets is one thing. To eliminate that horse **** seam that runs up and over the turret top.
  5. I understood that engineering fact of the top and bottom and acted accordingly. The two parts were made from one die. They were cut along a natural horizontal line. The top die piece was then sectioned into quarters and reassembled, massaged out and polished. The sectioning worked out to make the vacuformed top equal to the resin bottom using .030 thermoform PET-G Vivak. Allowances have to be made for the deep undercuts and the extended curves of the machine gun wind deflectors. Ideally one would wish to be able to make a master die and vacuform over that in one shot. But then extracting the die from the vac'd part is impossible.
  6. Consolidated turret, two parts. clear part goes on top. Machine gun slots to the front. Enter doors to the back. Emerson turret two primary pieces again as with the consolidated. Clear part on top of resin part. A third bonus clear part comprising the machine gun wind deflectors and center clear section needs just three straight cuts to fit.
  7. I've sold these turrets in 3 figures. I have not seen any assembled. I think most purchases are made on speculation. The box arrives, the sets removed and placed in the kit box for future use. My repeat customers are staggering and very prolific buyers. My sets in different natures, and type are all over the place, as are my repeat customer sales. My two different turret twin pack sales are brisk with buyers taking advantage of the $3 saving buying them together rather then singularly.
  8. In addition to the two current sets of single units for the Emerson and the Consolidated seemless turrets, I have added two sets that pair two Consolidated turrets, and the second set providing the Emerson with the Consolidated turrets as twin packs. Selling at $27 for each set, the modeler saves $3 off buying them as singles. These new sets have been out for around a week and are quickly becoming top sellers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/303191233480 https://www.ebay.com/itm/303191224068 be sure to check out my 72 sets available 24/7/52 weeks a year. No confusing interruptions or schedules. https://www.ebay.com/itm/303197239286
  9. I will be producing wheelwells for the P-51D. These will be released within the month of July, 2019. This set will be in addition to sets for the Spitfire and Bf109E that are both on sale now.
  10. Moderators can do as they please. I've got no problems with that at all. Now I have to get back to work molding up the resin wheel well inserts for the Airfix 1/24 Bf109E kit. I want to have them ready for listing on Ebay tonight. The 50 year drought of nothing to fill those big cavities under the wing ends soon. I'll post links in the Vendor area. As I should.
  11. I'm waiting too! In the meantime, I just added two more sets of turrets to my Ebay store giving the buyers of the HB B-24 some more options at a cost savings. One set gives you turrets for the Consolidated/Emerson configurations, and the other a Consolidated/Consolidated configuration. Both of these new twin pack sets sell for $27 plus actual shipping. Saving buyers $3.00 over purchasing separately.
  12. I don't have the kit myself. I am making these two sets for the Spit and 109 using borrowed wing sections. I am open to suggestions of needs to improve the kits. I always thought the 109 an amazing kit save them lack of enclosed wheel wells.
  13. I am currently making wheelwell inserts for the Spitfire and the Bf109E. Are there any other aircraft in the series that also suffer open wheel wells? I have the Spitfire inserts completed and on sale now. ( check the vendors board) I will have the Bf109E set ready for tomorrow. I've built the Fw190 years ago and can not remember if it had wheel wells.
  14. Email me at 109ace@sbcglobal.net. I can get them to you by friday.
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