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  1. I guess no news is good news? I want the Su-33, I really do.... even though I have a rule of only owning 1/32 twin seater Russian made aircraft (no singles), this will be an exception, and a Su-57 if we ever get one, and a MiG-25....
  2. I have one of these, but sadly some of the frame work is broke in several places... which is really annoying given how fragile it is... look forward to seeing one built anyway!
  3. Love that Twin Cub! Also love how there is lots more Russian types on the tables, something I wish we had more of in the UK..
  4. Background colour is playing havoc with the WB, Quang hit the nail on the head.
  5. Being the Russian/Soviet addict that I am, I have lots of Russian kits in 1/144th, 1/72nd, 1/48th and 1/32nd... however, my 1/32nd kits are only two seaters, so the Su-25UB, MiG-21UM, Su-30MKK etc.... I would love single seaters, but space would become an issue... I would love the Su-33 and Su-57 however, i'd break my rule for them! I'm currently building two 1/48th Su-30MKK's at the moment, once I have some photos I'll get a WIP thread up...
  6. Looks to me the wings are together and will be sold like that? You can see clear resin between the joins and i'm guessing it's not been thrown together like that for the photos, like my 1/72nd Modelsvit An-124 fuselage and wings... same thing, minimal clean up and a bit of car filler. The only difference being is the 124 has scribed detail and the C-47/DC-3 has raised... so a little bit of extra work, but, as others have said, it's the nature of the beast. Enjoy it.....
  7. Yeah I don't care about accuracy, mines going to get chopped anyway..
  8. I'm thinking I could upscale the Matchbox kit as a guide if I can't get any drawings, I really want a 1/32nd Privateer..
  9. You want a HUAWEI P20... These aren't my images, but samples to show just how great this phone camera really is... click on them for the full size. This *is* my next phone.
  10. The video is a few years old, but there is about 60 left flying from the 1,011 built. Lots of the accidents were due to weather of pilot error sadly, vew few due to the aircraft it self.
  11. If I go to my full size image (1200x800), I right click and 'copy image address' and then insert that... This is what I get -
  12. No, it's the wrong title. These are getting scrapped.......
  13. I'll ask him but I don't think he does, I know he has photos of several aircraft/helicopters used within films and some Bonds, but I don't think he does of the BD5... would be great if he does.
  14. I still want one and I still want a Privateer conversion. I may attempt to do the conversion myself....
  15. I would *love* one of them, my dad worked on the James Bond film where one flew through a hangar...
  16. Bought the HKM B-17G.... after weeks and weeks of pondering.
  17. Little update - I've drawn around the Kinetic kit's internals and some other parts and enlarged on a photocopier to 150%. The bulkhead does need a bit more sanding as I cut them a bit larger so I could sand them to a better shape. But a test fit is good....
  18. I've tried to email them on the 29th March, but not heard back.... anyone know of any other way to get in touch? The email I emailed was through CMK website using the claims@specialhobby.eu email. Thanks for any help.. Regarding parts missing from my GAF Nomad...
  19. I'm well and truly getting into this....some photos so far. Still needs some more sanding around the tail area (still too thick!), but I think I'm going to cut it off and redo it as one then re-attach it to the fuselage. It's going to be fun attaching the engine nacelles to the wings.... guess that's the fun part of vacforms!
  20. Is that rotor sag your doing, or how they come in the kit? Looks great! Superb model too... love it.
  21. Having done a tour down the Falklands in April-August 2006, I actualy hadn't heard of this story.... must have been horrific witnessing that as it took off, as if they wasn't having a hard enough time down there as it was... Great looking model.
  22. That is really nice.... want to build mine but I'm going to hold out for a while yet..
  23. Quite possibily yeah, not looked that far into the build if i'm honest.. Regarding the build, it's in full swing. I've been all over the place with building recently, becoming a dad in Sept, health issues and other stuff all got in the way but i've been keeping my feet in with it. Brought the Tracker into work today and despite being busy, I've managed to get all the surfaces straight and sanded down finally! I will get some photos up later on or over the weekend.
  24. I've thought about one various times in 1/48th using a Revell CH-53 rotor head and what ever else I could scavenge. 1/32nd would be amazing and not to hard to scratch build, just the rotor head and tail rotors being the hardest part that I could think of... wonder how big the fuselage would be
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