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  1. What table Rich, I can't miss this... Will have to get some photos for my site too Looks stunning mate, proper well done!!
  2. I really want one of these kits, but I want to do an OD machine, not a bare metal one. So I'm hoping that HK do bring one out.... until then I will have to sit back and watch threads like this.
  3. Such a lovely aircraft, who would love one in 1/32nd? ME!! Kev, I've built a few of these, all in the bin now though sadly... in the 90's there was a little shop down from my road that stocked them and my dad used to buy them every time they came in as they were ridiculously cheap! He might even have one of each left iirc.
  4. I can't do a demo, but I will be happy to bring my Hudson along still (providing it's up to where I want it...), hoping to have one side 'done' internally, and one just a blank canvas to show what can be done from what you get...
  5. An-32 in Indian AF colours Mig-25 IL-18/IL-38 Coot/May Lun Ekranoplan
  6. I'm planning on scratch building a An-28 & Short Skyvan, these two are high on my list...Skyvan being first. I would love to see a 1/32nd scale Twin Otter, Beaver & Otter. There are more so I will quote myself later and add when I have a proper think.
  7. I was thinking it might be Russian, but my god... I was only thinking yesterday how cool would a 32nd scale Mirage IV look like!
  8. Great idea. If you need any photos, look on this site http://russianplanes.net/id115536 or 5961 photos here - http://russianplanes.net/type/Tupolev/Tu-134
  9. Thanks Tnarg, I'm currently working all hours under the sun as it's school holidays, our busiest time so I haven't touched this yet. My aim is to get the interior done, paint and complete for Scale Model World in November. Then that'll leave me a few extra months to crack on with it, all being well.......
  10. Saw this and was going to post it but it was late and I never bothered, so I'm glad someone has It looks great like that but will look better in colour... I guess now there is 3 airworthy, we might see it more over here? (One can wish!)
  11. Hi John, If the canopy isn't ready for SMW, could I take a copy of the kit and then arrange for the canopy later? I'll be putting in an order nearer the time too
  12. Lee I wish I knew that when I come to butt up my IL-76! lol, top tip fella.. I think later in the year early next year I will want a F-111 too!
  13. Just posting some better photos, although I haven't done much for a while, i'm getting back on this and the Hudson while I can! Birds eye view of the top. You can see the amount of car body filler I have had to use. I am using Bonds FEW for this build as I happened to have a big tub of it laying around, which was lucky. It's going to take some work to get it to how I want.. especially with the external detail, vents etc! Underside view, you can see the difference in sponsors here. The one on the left (starboard side) is nearly done, but the port side is just a large piece of Milliput, I built this up in sections then sanded it back down to profile. The same goes for the rear end of the sponsor, although in this photo I only have the port side attached, awaiting work. Car body filler mishap, for some reason and no matter how much prep, this section of the fuselage won't take the FEW, so I will have to get off all the old FEW and try one more time. A number of things could of caused this, dust, greasy surface, filler not mixed properly etc..and as I will never know, I will try again. Front sponsor close up, showing you the template I made. I cut a slot into the fuselage, then slid in the template fixing it in with EMA plastic weld. This gave me the basic shape I was after, I then put Milliput on either side in two large lumps, roughly shaping it with a wet finger. Once cured I set about rubbing down the Milliput with 80 grit paper, slowly my template showed through which then made me start the shaping process. I think it's turned out quite well. I then smoothed in the Milliput in with some FEW. Undercarriage section, these two were put on with copious amounts of glue as they were bowed slightly, pegged in place and left for a good few hours, I took the pegs off and they stayed in place. Still work to be done in the photo to the left, I need to pay attention to the join areas, as one part is to round, which is wrong on the real thing. Port side view showing the whole fuselage. Starboard side view showing the whole fuselage.
  14. :bow: @ this thread - http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/28878-halifax-avro-heavies/
  15. Thanks guys, I've been really getting into this and the 48th Corsair I'm on at the moment, will be throwing some paint on the interior soon too Kev I didn't realise you were moving threads, I jump the gun there.. If it's easier, lock my old thread? I shall use this one all the time now.
  16. Cool. I'm aiming for both sides of the interior done, so I can have them laid out to show it off. then just what ever else is done I'll bring along too
  17. This reminds me Iain, is there any chance I can bring my Hudson along? I know it's still a few months away but I had better ask why I remember! It should be around 40% done... Great progress too
  18. I was very close to ordering this when I bought my Hudson, watching closely
  19. Bloody hell Rich, only just seen this thread. I knew you had this going on but it's awesome!!!
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