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  1. Beautiful work Peter! Looking real good. Cheer's, Jeff.
  2. Good observation Alberto!.....after reading your post, I had a look at my current 262 build, and its the same.I had the camo stopping at the wing join when it should go a bit past it. Good work! Cheer's, Jeff.
  3. Outstanding ,work Mikkel! This is going to be brilliant. Cheer's, Jeff.
  4. Thanks Kev and Mulch! Got the decals on, and painted the checkers on the tail, will put up some pics when I get a chance to take them. Cheer's, Jeff.
  5. Nice work Matt! Very smooth finish on the paint especially. Cheer's, Jeff.
  6. Ok, some more progress, I painted the landing gear.These wheels from Barracudecals are absolutely superb!....(The wheels are not glued yet). I am not happy with the foil on the nose wheel strut, I think I will re-do it. I applied a gloss coat and started the decal process. I had a problem with the blue and white checkered decal on the tail, It maybe just because I am stupid, but for the life of me I could not work out how this decal was supposed to be applied, as whatever way I tried, it always ended up with a long section of the blue and white squares that was way out of proportion, so I decided to spray them on.....I just hope I can get the checks even! That's it for now, thanks for looking! Cheer's, Jeff.
  7. Thank you very much! Cheer's, Jeff.
  8. Superb work on the bomb bay Brian! Jeez that looks good. Cheer's, Jeff.
  9. Wow!...that is absolutely gorgeous Frank! Beautiful piece of work. Cheer's, Jeff.
  10. Wow!......that is awesome work Brian! Brilliant stuff there. Cheer's, Jeff.
  11. Ok, paintwork continues, Sprayed the dark green sections inside the light green sections.. Started spraying a couple of panels on the underside slightly different shades of RLM-76 to add a bit of variation.I will spray the seam sections on the engine pods where the paint has worn off later when I stop resting it on them during work. Thanks for looking, Jeff.
  12. Thanks a lot Paul! Cheer's, Jeff.
  13. Nice work!.....that looks superb! Cheer's, Jeff.
  14. Beautiful work! That is very nice. Cheer's, Jeff.
  15. Superb work Andy! That turned out fantastic. Cheer's, Jeff.
  16. Thanks a lot Crobinsonh and Matt! Ok, I had some brass gun barrels that I was going to install, but I stuffed up the installation of the guns, so decided to just close up the gun bay, but I used the ends of the barrels to put into the gun slots which looks a lot better than nothing there. Gun camera glass has Maskol still on it, which I'll remove when all the paintwork is done. Light Green stripes have been painted on, next up is the Darker Green inside them. I have to find out if the area between the slats and the wings would be painted camo or another colour. Thanks for looking, Jeff.
  17. Yes, nice work! Looking real good. Cheer's, Jeff.
  18. Thanks a lot for looking in and commenting Dan, Skiner and Shawn! Dan, I just used a bit of thin plastic strip and Super Glue, filled and sanded until it looked good, then re-scribed and added rivets with my new RB Productions Rivet Tool, best tool I have bought for ages! I filled all the rivets and panel lines on the main airframe, but I thought I would keep them on the nose section as this was replaced on the real one, and I thought it would just mix it up a bit.I also kept them on the engine nacelles as well. Cheer's, Jeff.
  19. Painting continues.... I had originally painted the underside of the replaced nose section with Alclad for bare metal, assuming it was unpainted, but changed it to RLM-76 after advice from David E Brown. Thanks for looking in! Cheer's, Jeff.
  20. Thanks a lot Kev! Hi Harv, thanks a lot!.....yes, it is the kit cockpit. Cheer's, Jeff.
  21. Continued... Here is the start of the main paintwork.I have since painted the nose and wings, and will post pics when I can get some done. I made a couple of my own wheels from resin to replace the kit ones, as I read there were inaccuracies with the resin wheels that were availiable, so I didn't want to pay for inaccurate ones when I could make my own with the same inaccuracies.They turned out ok, but seeing that Roy Sutherland has released his beautiful 262 wheels, I have ordered a set of them and will use them instead as they look brilliant, and have the correct tread pattern. Thats all for now, thank you for looking, Jeff.
  22. Hi all, I have been working on this kit for a while now, and thought I would post it here for my first build on LSP. I am using the Eaglecal decals for "Yellow 2" as I really liked the unusual paint scheme on this Jet. After filling all the panel lines on the fueselage and wings, I started work on the cockpit tub. I forgot to add the straps on the foot pedals. I added the wires behind the IP, but I am not happy with them after finding a drawing on one of the threads on this Forum showing the wiring diagram a lot better, but it was too late to change it. The gun bay doors needed a bit of filling and rescribing.
  23. Rom, that is absolutetly gorgeous! What an outstanding job you have done there, paintwork and weathering are first class. Superb! Cheer's, Jeff.
  24. Outstanding work Steve! That is a beautiful piece of work, ...and that prop is just amazing. Brilliant! cheer's, Jeff.
  25. Gee that is nice work! Outstanding. Cheer's, Jeff.
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