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  1. The next time this is shown, it will be on 'ready for inspection'. (within a month) thank you! Lather, rinse, repeat
  2. Thanks Maru! If a picture is worth a thousand words............then let me write a short story.
  3. Well now, Work like this sure does inspire a fellow.
  4. Don't forget to..... Lather, rinse, repeat Thanks everyone!!
  5. It looks like the Hobbyboss prop hub and spinner are the way to go
  6. Spitfire P9374 had a Merlin III, and a Merlin II is shown, but they are essentially the same powerplants
  7. The wing is from Hasegawa MkII box, they made a new engraved panels wing and boxed it up with the old MkV fuselage that has raised panel lines. Just to clarify. starting with a Packard Merlin 1650 from a tamiya kit, the generator mount suitably modified. and the supercharger getting there
  8. Hi, Thanks for your input Harv, Maru, Andy and Geedube. I have to look at the instructions, but I think this goes in the cockpit. Geedube, you mean something like this?
  9. Thanks to Shaka Hi, Geedubelyer, Phartycroc, and Iain Harv thanks for being there for me, thanks for your unwavering support! Also thanks goes out to everyone! Don't forget to Lather, rinse, repeat Art
  10. We are just adding some lost stringer/former detail How much of this will be seen? A lot! Oh, by the way, my MkXVIII build concurrently with this MkI Surprise Surprise!
  11. Will throw this into the mix. Wow! Used clamps and hot water to form the resin panels to the fuselage. . I have to remove the undercarriage selector, this kite had the hand pump.
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