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  1. Just found a site called UMM-USA.com that has what you're looking for. HTH.
  2. You can get single guitar strings down to .008 but they're rather stiff so I'm not sure if that would work for you.
  3. Wow! Fantastic build and the finish is amazing. A lesson in weathering for certain, especially when you applied a weathered look to the decals. Too often I see heavily weathered models with perfect markings which puts a dent in the realism. Limited run kits aren't easy as argue but you made this build look like it was a shake-n-bake Tamiya. Well done!
  4. I purchased ( I think ) all of the Fisher upgrades for the Hobbycraft kit. I'm convinced that using all of them will bring the HC kit much closer to the real aircraft and if nothing else closer to the Fisher kit. Reading this post tells me that neither is as close as what you've done! Can't wait to see more!!
  5. Wow!! Brilliant work throughout.
  6. Let us not forget the massive 'nipple's on the drop tank, amongst other major areas of issue. Unless you're dead-set on making a 1/24 P-40, I'm telling you, don't even bother! It's that wrong. The only reason to build one in 1/24 scale is that none exist. Beyond that (and a lot of scratch-building) none exist.
  7. Hi Martin, Unless you're desperate to build a 1/24 P-40, this is not a kit that you want. The number of things that are wrong far outweigh the correct ones. As a starting point for a serious re-build it may be OK, but beyond that.....
  8. Brilliant work Mate!!
  9. I was just thinking about Russ tonight. Seeing this makes me a bit melancholy, but only because he was taking on such a project in 1/32 scale. That and I just still really miss that guy... Great work on your large/small (or is it small/large) kits!!
  10. Great to see this one coming along again!! It's looking fantastic, too!
  11. I can't tell from my screen so forgive me if I'm stating the obvious.... These birds all shipped in the Navy Gloss Gull Gray paint and the SEA scheme was applied over that. It might be a cool touch if some of your (really awesome!) weathering reflected that color underneath... Just a thought I had when I saw those pics from the war. Looks like you're almost finished! Very inspirational work!!
  12. Out of the box it's a very simple if inaccurate build. If you want to really get it right, then you're looking at some work. Fisher Models makes some fantastic upgrades that've been modified from their resin kit but if you use all of them it's easy to end up paying just as much as you would to just get the Fisher kit in the first place. I'd suggest the cockpit set at a minimum. It's a work of art! The upcoming re-release of the Fisher kit will mean that it's available again without searching one out second-hand. It also looks like it'll be upgraded with a very nice open engine! It al
  13. DaveJ

    LSP Team

    My best guess is that you weren't actually logged-in when it went invisible. It's been made invisible to non-members for a few months now.
  14. As someone who has the cockpit, wheel weel and spinner upgrades for the Hobbycraft kit I can tell you that they're all simply brilliant!!
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