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  1. Waroff, Merci Beaucoup. That's the info I was asking for. Mike Horina
  2. Harvey, Thanks for the heads up on the Quickboost set. That's a start. The wings are still apart. If the spacing is accurate. It would be nice if I could just trim the sprue, glue it in place, cut the tubes off and drill some holes . Thanks again Mike Horina
  3. Can anyone tell me the length of the blast tubes from the leading edge of the wing on a P47 Thunderbolt? I glued the receivers in the lower wing to stop the tubes. That way I can glue the top and bottoms together and paint the wings. All the available barrels and tubes on the aftermarket are one length. This is for a Trump Razor. ] Any help appreciated. TIA Mike Horina
  4. Looking at the pic posted above to my eyes it looks like the cable attaches to the frame for the armour glass. Maybe? Mike Horina
  5. Just received my Yak-3 kit ordered on 9/2/16. Cost 67.36 total with shipping to IL. As concerned the fabric surfaces, prime the areas, remove primer from frames that should be all the work needed if that. Photos seen else where showed exaggerated depth of fabric surface. But I don't believe it should be a problem. Of coarse that's my opinion, yours may vary. Mike Horina
  6. If you don't mind using masks for the insignia MAKETAR has all WWII variations and sizes available. Plus some letters and numbers. Mike Horina
  7. I have had trouble aligning the Brass Eduard legs in the locating areas of the Revell 109 kits wings. A lot of work filing the Eduard parts down to fit deep enough to get the Eduard legs to align to the Revell openings and the legs to each other. I found them to be not worth the trouble as 109 gear are difficult enough to align in most kits HTH Mike Horina
  8. Hi Ben, I can help if your looking for a resin cockpit set for the Revell Corsair. I have a couple of options. PM me here if you are interested in buying one. Mike Horina
  9. I have checked 2 FS colors that are very close to each other, they are the above quoted FS # 12300 and another I found in my searching that has been mentioned which is FS #12243. I also just purchased and test sprayed Tamiya Orange X-6 to my critical pressman's, 47 years, eye it is a very close match. The 2 FS colors are very close to each other, of coarse I'm just using my 2 home computers, go to the Stockholm FS color chart and check them out so you can be the judge. Then go buy a mini Tamiya Orange X-6 and check that out for yourself. Actually sourced the FS #12243 from a discussion on this site Bell X-1 Photos/Diagrams message 10 posted by nicely11b it was mentioned on the diagram from the Aerofax book. This discussions was from 2013 Mike Horina.
  10. 'D' thanks for the link to the earlier color discussion. KEV sent you a PM Mike Horina
  11. Ron, thank you for the LSP links. Jennings, thank you for the paint FS numbers. Kevin, my box art is different then either of the kits in the 2 WIP shortcuts that Ron posted and is a 2003 release with decal as in the release you have in the WIP and has the reworked exhaust.as the other kit WIP Mike Horina
  12. Has anyone built this kit? Any helpful build hints? Is there any hobby paint available now for the orange paint? According to the instructions the FS# is 12197. How much weight do you need so you don't have to use the clear support Revell included? TIA Mike Horina
  13. Just received my order. 11 days Czech Republic to IL
  14. Everyone does things different. While I used the Aires wheel bay I didn't use the Aires Mounting holes for the landing gear. There is a minimal space to fill between the Aires part and the kits sockets for the gear. I found it easy to install doing it that way. But every one has there own way of doing things. Hope this may be of help to someone. Mike Horina
  15. Harold, Please put me on the list for 'the whole ball of wax' also. That's the T28 stuff. Mike Horina
  16. According to the picture posted above of MT 423 it appears to have the 'Erla' version starboard gun cover with 2 bulges. This new kit release then appears to have all the kit specific parts from the G-6 and G-14 kits. Mike Horina
  17. Harold, Anything you would do is very much appreciated. Not only because of the workmanship you do but the outstanding fit of the items you do due. Mike Horina
  18. Bob, I'm sure I and many others here on LSP would appreciate that you would do that. TIA Mike Horina
  19. Not an expert but the Amur sets for the Revell G-6 makes for a easier build and only a few swipes with a sanding stick needed to make a excellent fit. Easy Peasy and looks great. Easiest to use AM set I ever used Mike Horina
  20. I wasn't sure if I had seen those clips on the wings so I didn't mention them in the earlier post. They can be seen in both photos and in the top picture you can make out the holes in the front and back near the bottom of the brace
  21. If I recall correctly there are what appear to be ropes/cord or? that connect the braces to each other. 1 fore and another aft. Running over the top of the tank. While looking at various photos the braces are never seen alone on the aircraft but are placed on the ground under the wing. Probably bevel edged at least on 1 edge and tightened up on the tank by those devises. And leave when the tanks are dropped. Mike Horina
  22. One item in the P-51D/K Tamiya kit that is in no other kit that I am aware of are the 110 gallon teardrop shaped under wing gas tanks. And while they are included in the kit the wooden sway braces used with them are not included. Mike West has/ had these tanks and the sway braces in his list. Mike Horina
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