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  1. Not likely that there would be sufficient demand for this "two three off" to entice Mr. Fisher to invest the time, energy and money to produce the kit. Since the originals were essentially completely new airframes a full kit would be needed. The model's fuselage would require major modifications (or a complete new fuselage) and the clipped wings would need cutting and new tips at a minimum. Time for the scratch-builders or vacuform vendors to show their skills. And yes, the "Q" was a lovely bird. (Edited to reflect data in the Old Machine Press article.)
  2. "Probíhá příprava" means "preparing."
  3. Ernie, you should continue with your current project - the WWI seaplane base at Felixstowe. All you really need are two or three more WNW F.2A models and a couple beaching ramps and gear. Now that you've built one the rest should only take a couple months to knock out...
  4. I have built 10-12 wooden ships over the years and can highly recommend Bluejacket Ship Crafters as an excellent source for kits from entry level up to expert and in several scales. They stock an extensive line of materials, fittings and books to support the hobbyist. It's a great hobby that can be participated in with a few basic tools on up to power tools designed for the job.
  5. Lovely build - all clean and polished for the General's next flight.
  6. Perhaps Aviattic will produce a custom fit set of properly textured decals???
  7. I sent you an e-mail regarding my order.
  8. Please refund my PayPal payment. Thank you.
  9. I ordered 3 sets before noticing the dates on the posts. If I was too late to order just refund via PayPal.. Thanks.
  10. Too stunning for words! Having said that, the combination of your superb skills and the multiple model scope of the project elevate this to the upper level of "master work." An amazing accomplishment and work of art.
  11. Looks absolutely marvelous! I love the subtle weathering/pre-shading touches. Keep on keeping on, mate.
  12. Any chance we could establish a separate thread for the A-1E and return this one to the A-10?
  13. Strangely enough I just ordered a Roland D.VIa from WETA today after it appeared as "sold out" on the WNW website. Odder still was the fact that it will be shipped from NZ instead of Seattle.
  14. I have one in hand but have not looked at much more than the instructions. The castings are HPH's usual high quality and the kit appears to be well detailed - about like a WNW kit in resin. One unhappy aspect is that the hex camo for fuselage and wings is in the form of a mask, not decals. There are hex decals available as an additionalcost option on the HPH website. If I remember my Aviattik-Berg info correctly, the mask method may be truer to the prototype since the hexes were hand-painted as opposed to being printed fabric as used on German aircraft. There are several other (non-hex) schemes that could be used and I may have to get one more kit to do Brumowski's "splatter" camouflaged machine. I look forward to Mike's review.
  15. Not plans but an excellent 1:33 scale paper model. Might be of some use... http://www.ipms.at/ipms/product_info.php?info=p81_BAC-TSR-2.html&XTCsid=0qcqsdlrmo6disdrli4drc6h04
  16. What marvelous painting/staining/weathering skills you have! This promises to be a world class model when completed. I will be watching with great interest (and a wee bit of envy.)
  17. Thankee, Mike. I am on painkillers and not at my peak efficiency. Still won't give the "mail15" discount, though.
  18. I got the same message re the coupon and they added $33 NY state tax to the order. I'll stick with Sprue Bros.
  19. Des Delatorre has an excellent build log at http://www.ww1aircraftmodels.com/ that should be quite helpful.
  20. Just to help the effort, I'll commit to two A-10 improvement sets.
  21. I'm not an expert but I slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night...the WNW 4 and 5 color decals are as good as any others out there. It boils down to a matter of how you think they look on the model. I have used WNW on several of my models, Aviattik on a couple and thrown away all Roden OOB versions. Aviattik certainly have more variety (fresh, faded, lacquered) so can reduce the weathering effort at the expense of $$. I believe WNW's research to be good as anyone's and it's certainly better than mine. FWIW I prime mine with a pale cream but white, pale grey or the like will all produce good results.
  22. Interesting that WNW lists it as a "(1914)" version. Does this imply that there might be another later(?) version coming??? Inquiring minds want to know.
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