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  1. It would seem a silly choice not to make a 2-seater, given the commonality between the variants.
  2. I have a suspicion Tamiya will build a modern jet. Perhaps a Eurofighter or F-35 or F-22.
  3. Ummm...we're missing EVERY airframe Martin Aircraft Company ever built (and that's a lot).
  4. This and the 1/32 P-40E were by far my favorite kits as a kid in the early 70's.
  5. Thanks to everyone who has responded. I don't have the references some of you do and appreciate the information you have provided.
  6. I'm not trying to stir up trouble. It's just that it looks out of place. I haven't seen a similar cowl number on any other FW 190's . Seems like there would be a reason for it, especially since the aircraft already has a number on it.
  7. Do you know of any wartime photographic evidence of FW 190's with a similar cowl number? Because I sure don't.
  8. Is anyone else bothered by the white 70? Not the airframe itself, but the style of the numerals, it's location, it's size, and the fact that, to me at least, it looks so much more freshly painted than the rest of that aircraft's markings? That, combined with the fact that the photo evidence is of a captured, wrecked aircraft leads me to think that it was added subsequent to this plane's operational life.
  9. Yeah, that's for sure. But that's what you get in a liquidation auction where it's all or nothing.
  10. Looks like Mossie fans will have an embarassment of riches to choose from in 1/32 after a long, long wait.
  11. I know I'll never build even a tenth of the kits I've acquired (and continue to acquire) over the years - not even if I somehow were to resume the breakneck build pace of my youth (It was not uncommon for me to "build" as many as three kits in a weekend - though I'll admit the build quality led to most of them being consumed by fireworks, thrown off buildings, etc). But I have a recurring fear that one day I will drop dead and my wife will decide to unload the kits at a yard sale, not knowing how much I've waste...er....invested on them over the years. Not sure I want to have that discussion with her!
  12. This could be said of just about any subject. Then again, maybe they're working on a Liberator?
  13. You're very welcome. Whatever factory blueprints/production records still exist, he would likely have them or know where they can be found.
  14. Oh, and for the record, there's no reason he can't do the CAD and have the tooling made and the kits produced over in China where it is far cheaper to produce. Maybe even partner with someone like a Trumpeter where he provides the design, they make the models and then draw up some revenue split by geography, percentage of revenue, etc.
  15. I'm a third generation Martin Middle River worker. My grandfather was a production foreman on the Marauder assembly line who at one point or another helped supervise production on just about every Martin aircraft from the B-10 to the P6M. My dad worked for many years as an air traffic controller from the early 50's until the state bought the airport and brought in their own controllers, and I worked at the same plant for many years (albeit in a much less interesting position as an accountant). To say that Martin blood runs through my veins is a vast understatement! I would love to see a Marauder in the big scale, and if at all possible, in all of the main production variants. I know that's asking a lot, but I would happily buy a half dozen or more kits if the quality was there. If you're seriously considering doing this, you should definitely reach out to Stan Piet at the Martin Aircraft museum .
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