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  1. Hello Wanted to give a quick update; gearing up to send out the remaining pre-orders shortly. You will receive an email with tracking information at the time it ships. I am very pleased with the response I have received - this is a very popular conversion indeed! Note -- RESIN2detail will not be accepting any additional pre-orders at this time; official launch coming soon. Thank you to all who have placed their pre-order prior to this time. Cheers Brian
  2. Thank you, Brady - will keep an eye out for the RamJet info :-) Talk soon
  3. Thank you all for your kind words of support -- I am working hard on the preorders and instruction manual and will post updates as soon as they're available Bye for now ... Brian
  4. Brady, Hi - My apologies for not replying sooner; I am normally much better about responding. Truth be told, my wife suffered a medical emergency approx. 2 weeks ago which put me behind. She is doing much better now; I am a one-man shop at the moment, so I was stretched thin. OK, Pre-ordering --> the price for the pre-ordered kit is $69.99 USD plus $6.99 USPS Priority Mail shipping/ $22.00 International 1st class package. (Orders received after the official go-live date in early May will reflect the projected retail price of $84.99. plus shipping). Monies should be sent to the following PayPal address --> peddlerofnj@yahoo.com. The expected dispatch date for this wave of pre-orders is the last week of April. Please feel free to reach out to me directly at the following email address --> peddlerofnj@yahoo.com. My WordPress site is having some issues with the "contact us" plugin; as it is not sending these inquiries directly to my mailbox. Many thanks, Brian
  5. Yup - I release the M40 cluster bombs mid-last year, and the "singlets" or individual "bomblets" if you will, just about a week ago!
  6. Shameless plug for the Weaver M1 lift which was often seen with the M5 to offload bombs and roll under the belly of the B-17 ;-) http://resin2detail.com/product/ac32015
  7. Thank you RoyBoy - I will certainly add this to the list to look into! Brian
  8. H- Dutik The only photos of the MkII cart that I have been able to locate showing it being used on a tarmac, have been in the PTO. It was smaller and more nimble - could be towed by smaller tractors. The M5 cart on the other hand, was a hefty piece of equipment with a much higher bomb load capacity -- mainly used to service B-17s and B-24s (500 and 1000 pounders). So the MK II was more commonly used to arm fighter-bombers like the P-38 / P-47 / P-51 I believe.
  9. 1/32 M5 Bomb Trailer RESIN Kit (25 pcs) Comes with full instruction manual, and the following parts Main bed Main wheels (x2) Main Axle Main Wheel Hub (x2) Main Leaf Spring (x2) Tail Light (x2) Front Electrical Box Hitch Yoke Raising/Lowering crank (static) Front Axle Front Wheels (x2) Front Leaf Spring (x2) Front Axle Coil Spring (x2) Forward Chassis (Upper) Locker Box Locker Box Top (w/ Bomb Fin Storage) Locker Box Rear Applique (w/Bomb Fin Storage) Available for purchase here -->http://resin2detail.com/product/ac32016
  10. Hey Dennis - Thank you so much! I would like to; I am working through some quarterscale B-17 and B-29 conversions now so possibly in the new year. One major obstacle that I am faced with on the HK kit is the cost and availability of the kit itself. A 3D scan of the kit parts would be crucial for a snug fit contour-wise.
  11. Thank you everyone -- happy you like! Anthony - the 1/32 R-2600 is nearly all molded up -- I will add a new topic here when it is for sale. Brian
  12. The wait is over! For those looking to construct a 1/32 USAAF airfield diorama, you must take a close look at R2D's latest offering. This exquisitely detailed little lift features 10 highly-detailed parts and full instruction guide. The swivel handle is fully poseable in the “at use†or “rest†positions. With minimal work, the lift can be lowered into the un-raised position. Perfect for use with the HK B-17 model(s) and the B-25, among others. Available today for only $14.99 per set Please click HERE to be redirected to the R2D store for more details and to purchase Cheers!
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