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  1. Cyano accelerator works to remove adhesive residue, if the zen trick wont do it.
  2. 19 quid more for dhl shipping This and some quality issues seem to smack of a rushed production and dispersement scenario.
  3. I emailed asking about my pre-order . My response from Hattons was to inform me they miscalculated the shipping cost for me and are asking for more money. Didn't say how much , I had to ask that in todays reply email
  4. Is this thread a review of a guys review or a review of the guy reviewing a model?
  5. Got this today: I would imagine the kit wont be far behind...
  6. .........................emailed notification received from Hornby regarding stocking of this kit...............!
  7. Yes info is available on different aircraft, in the case of the Gothas , early aircraft lozenge was hand painted, with a plethora of sizes and designs.
  8. A link to the mentioned thread would be nice. I know of no books however...
  9. A quick perusal of this gem , I just got it today, allows me to venture they could be used for some interior ,in-flight figs: These guys may be used for waist gunner fig bashing: I realize they are 1/35 and I am aware the discussion is 'ground fig' related here , just registering for the in-flight guys, which is my predilection.
  10. I received an email from Hattons today informing me thew kit will be in their hands on July 21. They follow by saying that this is the latest info and may change if the manufacturer deems it so. That is all.
  11. On this model I tied a knot in the end of the line and dug a trough through the 2 fuse half's, trapping the line when the half's were joined.
  12. Last one I saw on ebay went for $380.00 if I remember correctly. A real collectors item.
  13. Search the forum , this was asked about a week ago. Also Gpatch ,one of my favorite suppliers, has pretty good descriptions on their site for turnbuckle application. Here is a good all-round WW1 site: http://ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.html
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