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  1. My wife just sent me a text "Winner, winner Tamiya box" She raised her eyebrows a bit when I told her I had ordered one, but she's familiar enough with things to know $99 shipped is a deal!
  2. Thanks everyone, Michael I got the prop from a fellow over on Hyperscale, I am not sure what kit it is from, possibly the Hasegawa Hellcat.
  3. Well here she is, my interpretation of Big Jim Streig's #3. I decided not to go with red surrounds as I feel the evidence is stronger that they were painted over by the time they got to the Solomon's. I do however believe that most if not all the original aircraft that arrived at Ondongo, were showing red through the blue that had been painted over them. I got some of my photos a little too blue when editing them, so know the ones that are more subdued capture the color better. I used Vector cowl, Barracuda wheels, Eduard fabric seat belts, Eagle Edition, Techmod (From the AJ press book) a
  4. Thanks guys, the fit of this kit is amazing. I thought the Mustang fit well, the corsair fit is just crazy good! Tamiya did mystify me with no wing guns, not eve barrels. I know you won't see much, but just holes? Also the wheels/tires leave something to be desired so I bought the Barracuda resin smooth tread ones, for MG barrels I bought a set quick boost .50 cal barrels. They are meant for the HK models B-17, but for what you will see through the holes in the front of the wing I think they will work.
  5. Got the engine done in, added the Vector cowl flaps. Then I changed up on the directions some and built and fit the center wing then added the forward cowl/engine section. It should simplify masking later on in the build.
  6. Amazing! One of my all time favorite aircraft, or spacecraft? Either way stunning build! Rob
  7. Nice job! It is a great kit and you are doing wonderful so far! Rob
  8. Great build I have this kit in the stash, looks like you are doing it very well! Rob
  9. Thanks so much for your kind words, with all the superb work I see here I am humbled.
  10. Thanks guys, and you are right Ian, I will be keeping the cockpit open on this one!
  11. Man what a great kit so far! All I have added is Eduard fabric seatbelts, and Barracuda decals cockpit placards/stencils. Still deciding on which VF-17 bird to build, 2nd tour for sure, but that is as far as I have decided yet.
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