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Spitfire Mk1. Differences between Mid and Late

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14 hours ago, 19squadron said:

Yes BUT that is the point! The Hasegawa build here, with the work that has gone into it looks like an early Spitfire, and one can only respect the modeling, whereas the Kotare built OOB does not look like a Spitfire with its ugly crude wing profile, and misshapen nose, ugly prop, weird fabric rudder, ailerons and elevators, clumsy, heavy and idiosyncratic riveting, etc etc. If it was £20, or even £40 like the original WNWseaters and didn't claim to be well researched, then it wouldn't merit comment, but it's expensive and the kit authors on here call even out RJ Mitchell on the issue of his perception of his own wing - which is really out of order to my mind.



Yeah but do ya like it ?  Could it be wunna those love/hate things ??  :shrug:

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