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New 1/32 F-5


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1 hour ago, Dave Williams said:

Nor do I believe that a scammer hacked the distributor’s website too, adding listings and the same fake box art.




The kits are probably real, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath for a late January 2023 (or 2022! in the case of the two-seater)


I didn't notice that. So legit but still possibly in breach of a manufacturer's embargoed press release, as no-one else has offered them (unless I've missed that too).


Looking forward to seeing some of the 1/48 repops such as the Mirage F.1C, unless Special Hobby speed things up. 



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2 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:


They're in possession of them, yes, but my understanding (from a reliable source) is that they did not *buy* them.


As for these new kits, I'd say it's safe to bet that they're real, and that they're re-pops of the Kitty Hawk kits. Storm Factory is most likely another new subsidiary or spin-off brand of Trumpeter. And I think it's safe to ignore the specific retailer linked to as having anything to do with anything.



Thank you for the information Kevin. Maybe your reliabel source, know something about other news about Storm Factory or other re releases from the KH´s molds? Specially the Kingfisher!!! This is my last hope to get one. Other day one KH Kingfisher show up in a e-bay auction. It seems that me and all the Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Giants, San Franciso 49´s, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees fans are looking for this kit.  I lost it for a couple of bucks!!!:unsure:

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With any luck maybe it is true, and we can get the aftermarket to finally kick out some nice, correct, resin cockpit sets. There's some cool 3D and p/e sets out now, but nothing to correct the very shallow kit cockpit tub that just ruins the whole look of an otherwise decent kit. ResKit has been doing some resin for these kits lately, so who knows, maybe a cockpit set is in the offing. My fingers are crossed! Fred K.

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Stom Factory reboxes released



- ref. 32001 - Northrop F-5N Tiger II - VFC-111 Sundowners - US Navy

- ref. 32002 - Northrop F-5F Tiger II - VFC111 Sundowners Two-Seater - US Navy

- ref. 32003 - Northrop F-5E Tiger II - RoCAF

- ref. 32006 - Northrop F-5F Tiger II - RoCAF









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42 minutes ago, blackbetty said:

just got my reskit intakes for the kit (i have the kitty hawk offering) and they are awesome


That is good news Karl. One of my only main complaints re: the last of the KHM 1/32nd new tool jet kits was no intakes. That makes the F-5 a much more desirable kit IMHO now.

Now I just need them to make some KHM Mirage 2kN/D intakes and Ill be set. :lol:

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