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Fisher Sea Fury VZ345 A&AEE


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Hi all, I finally managed to take photos this morning of a build I finished a couple of months ago, having got a decent base which I received yesterday. The base is 45 x 45cm and is my generic base for Boscombe Down a/c in the 70/80’s. The colour is actually quite sandy and was sprayed with various shades of browns and some dirtying up. Equally of the period, there are no follow me white lines just the white parking spots. I found a photo on the internet of the Swiss hunters parked up from the IAT, so took my join line references from that.


I purchased this kit from a very good friend on mine that I’ve known for yonks and has always helped along the way. I built this as a therapy build having dislocated my knee cap whilst gardening. So whilst waiting for a operation this was to stop me going mad whilst mobility was restricted.


it’s the Fisher Item and I’ve built his Hunter T7 conversion but this was my first full resin kit. Overall I enjoyed the kit with some fit issues but we got there in the end. Made up as the A&AEE aircraft (pre-crash) using reference photos from the internet and old colleagues from Boscombe Down with additional antenna on the upper wing and period RBF tags made up on a word document and scaled down. Not much else to say as others have already done so.









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