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Fischkopp Model Company Border Lancaster Dambuster conversion


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They have a presence on facebook, where the following can be found:


"The Dambuster Set will be released under the name "Après moi, le déluge" - I think this is fitting as it will be the best 

aftermarket set that will be available for the 1/32 Border Lancaster - if not the best at all! Highly detailed like all my other models, it will take some time in design and later production. There are a lot of ideas about what will be included in the set, I can only ask you to please be patient."






Obviously early stages of development.


They also have some parts for the Border and Tamiya Merlins in development, gun turrets, and a 1/32 Whitley, but as I'm not on facebook it's hard to view.

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I hope for their sake they get it released soon because Border is going to release the Dambuster version themselves. I messaged Border last month asking if they intended to release the Dambuster version (which would make sense since WNW did the tooling for it). They replied with a simple "yes" a few weeks ago. So unless you are dying to build a Dambuster now I would just wait.

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Now I'm all in for chopping kits around as some of you may know but a 600 quid Ltd Edition one with probably no spare parts available from the manufacturershould you mess up, I don't think so! Equally will many who purchased the original release want to shell out another £600 for a dam buster release?


Regards. Andy 

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Good evening,


Unfortunately the link that was shared in the first post is totally incorrect.


You can contact me here, on Facebook or via info@fischkoppmodels.de


Currently the most sold item is the camshaft set and the propeller shafts for upgrading the Border and Tamiya Merlin/Packard engine. 


With best regards



Fischkopp Model Company 



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