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Mig-21 BIS Bulgarian Air Force

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Wow, Thank you guys :) everybody must feel excellent when people like his work :)

4 hours ago, Youngtiger1 said:

Wow, what a model. I would love to know and see, if there is any wip pics, on how you did the nose and the spine adjustments. It all came out spectacular.

Ok, no problem my friend. I've used a lot of 1mm polystirene and tamiya epoxy putty.

First nose-cone:



The exhaust and its "interior" :




The re-worked fuselage-nose and MF back-spine:






And start to shape the BIS spine:






And already re-worked BIS spine, fuselage-nose and nose-cone:




This was done maybe for five days, because the putty must be completely dry and hard.

So hope this will be in your help at future bis projects ;)



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Thanks guys, well I do not like the "ready" colors sets from manufacturers. It's so far from truth. So every time I mix my own.

About your question mc65, for "Russian cockpit green" I mix this two colors 50/50 ratio:




And always you can change this mix, if you want more blueish or greenish shade of cockpit color.


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thank you for the explanations !! so , if I understand , the nose cone , is longer ( a lot ????!!!) than the NF's ,the fuselage nose has been shortened more or less 2mm , and its "edge has been ..." beveled ",...the dorsal spine is a bit wider "at the gear bay level "  or so 


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HI Alain, well the nose-cone is wider than the MF's, not longer. I mean wider when write "larger". Sorry for that :)

For fuselage-nose - yes it is wider than MF's also and the edge is "beveled". Maybe this is the right word.

And for the spine - yes, wider and longer at the back side, where the tail it is. It ends almost where the parashute-tube starts.

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ShelbyGT500, thank you for sharing the wipe photos. I had been thinking about build the Bis conversion for some years as I saw it quite manageable but I am pleased to see you actually did it. It provides the needed encourage. Edward has some nice 1/48 Mig-21Bis models that I thinking about was thinking about purchasing one just to use as a basic reference. Do you recommend any good books as reference? TIA

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Hi Youngtiger1, you're welcome :)

Yes you can use Eduard 1/48 BIS for a reference, but know that - the fuselage-nose is from their 1/48 MF. Everything else is with correct shape :)

But really sorry, I cannot recommend you any books, because I've access to the real Mig-21 Bis, MF, PFM, F-13 planes and I do not need books. Sorry once again my friend.

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