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Hello to all!

I want to present on Your review information about the LSP products of the Metallic Details. Perhaps some of You will be interested in this.


Detailing set for aircraft model F-35A (Italeri, 1/32)

Jet nozzle for aircraft model F-35A (Italeri, 1/32)

F-35A. Ejection seat (1/32)

F-35. Seat belts (1/32)


AH-64 Apache. Longbow radar (Academy, 1/35)


Mi-24/Mi-35. Wheels set (1/35)


B-24. Wheel bays (HobbyBoss, 1/32)

B-24. Exterior (HobbyBoss, 1/32)

B-24. Turbochargers (HobbyBoss, 1/32)

Pratt & Whitney R-1830 (HobbyBoss, 1/32)


Control handles. Part 2 for German aircraft models (1/32)

FuG 218 Radar (1/32)

Revi 16B Gunsight (1/32)

Static dischargers (1/32)

Tail support for Bf 109E (1/32)

Tail support for Bf 109F, G (1/32)


M18 gun pod with M134 Minigun (1/32)

M65 rocket launcher (1/32)

XM157 2.75 inch rocket launcher (1/32)

XM158 2.75 inch rocket launcher (1/32)

XM159 2.75 inch rocket launcher (1/32)

Emerson Electric TAT-102 Turret for AH-1G Cobra (ICM, 1/32)

Emerson Electric M28 Turret for AH-1G Cobra (ICM, 1/32)

USAF seat belts part 1 (1/32)

Bell AH-1G Cobra. Masks (ICM, 1/32)
Bell AH-1G Cobra. Interior (ICM, 1/32)
Bell AH-1G Cobra. Exterior (ICM, 1/32)

M197 Gatling gun (ICM, 1/32)


Gloster Gladiator. Cowling and engine (ICM, 1/32)

Gloster Gladiator. Wheels (ICM, 1/32)


Pratt & Whitney R-2800 late (1/32)

Bristol Mercury (1/32)


MiG-15/MiG-17. Seat belts (1/32)

Ejection seat KK-1 (1/32)

Ejection seat KK-2 (1/32)

ASP-3N sight for MiG-15, MiG-17, La-15 (1/32)


Thank You for Your attention!

Edited by Metallic Details
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