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1/32 Revell RF-4C 14th TRS

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As I am finally getting in a bit of a build rhythm I am able to work on multiple build avenues as others dry.  As such I have started working on the Martin Baker Mk H7 ejection seats.  In so doing I have found three different color schemes to the seats.  I have gone with what I call the faded olive drab seat over the brighter forest green seat. 


Forest Green color scheme (I dont think this color was used in a 1971 Phantom)....



Olive Drab color scheme (Possibly more likely to be used in 1971 and more in line with found references)......



And lastly I have been using the below virtual cockpit as a reference color scheme...



I have searched for standard or mixed color's to apply to the seat with no luck.  I have come up with a flat olive head rest and a faded olive drab cushion set. 


I am wondering what others might have come up with?!?!? Any help or advice is much appreciated.

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Had to spend some time doing a little earthquake recovery work around the house and of course work had me going pretty good.  It was a relief to get home for some plastic therapy. 


I finally spent some time to plan and execute cutting the holes in the fuselage for the photo flash dispensers.  It helped that my early Christmas present got to me.  I ordered a new micro saw and made a flexible ruler to scribe and cut.  I made a few mistakes as I got impatient after a few light cuts.  Otherwise, it was a decent go.  I will have to re-scribe proper panels in the area around the dispensers.  I will have to also add the additional panel hiding the antenna in the vertical stabilizer.



A lot of time was spent working on the cockpit minutia making minor advances over time.  I worked on studying the seats while working on the cockpit area as I started making the seats come to life.




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Well work has me going crazy with earthquake issues.  Prior to all the fun the wife and I planned on replacing the whole of the flooring up stairs.  Its been rough to find time.  The hallway is the old flooring as the front room had been finished a day prior.  My son is hard at work removing doors in the other rooms in preparation of the coming new floor and paint.



Below is my incomplete MK7.  Its the GT resin seat with eduard updates.  I also have been making costum bits to fill in he parts missing from the real thing.  Copper wire (yellow wiring) and other parts are being added and created to make as a complete MK7 as possible.  Belt fittings and some belts are temporary placed to see how the over seat will look.  Its been hard to find a matching reference.





I will be leaving for a bit during Christmas but have a whole week planned right after.  Looking forward to really making some progress.  Have a great Christmas to all of you.


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On 12/18/2018 at 12:10 AM, Sgt Shultz II said:

If you are going for accuracy then you will need to scratch build the rear cockpit as that one is not anywhere near correct for an RF-4C and nobody makes one either. I know for a fact!

Thanks for the advice.  I have the detail and scale reference but its severely lacking in what I am attempting.  I am woefully lacking in reference material and have been on the internet filling in gaps.  Would you happen to have any material to help make this more accurate?

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Skip down to the bottom of the page.  I was stationed at Udorn RTAFB 69-70 as a Camera tech so detailing an RF-4C of that period I do know about!! :D


OBTW the 14th had white playboy bunnys on the left vari-ramp only at that time.

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I was looking for more detail in terms of what is in the cockpit behind the seats, extra gear, and so on.  I believe I have many versions of what the whole thing is supposed to look like but nothing that says this is a RF-4C for sure.  The camera's I started are getting an overhaul shortly.  I will use some of your pictures to help out.  Thank you.

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I hope everyone had a awesome Christmas.  My wife bought me an Iwata HP-CS as my Passache's are getting pretty old but still reliable.  I cant wait to give this baby a go.  I am talking about the airbrush.  :coolio:




I have been very focused on the MK7 Ejection Seats.  Paging through the referenced and versions I finally settled on these: 



I have been spending the last week or so making extra bits out of copper wire, fishing line (10LB), extra photo etched sprues, and some parts from ReedOak.  My eyes are blurry and I have literally been dreaming about Martin Baker ejection seat variants.  I am still not done but am eager to show you my progress.  The seat on the left is the "stock" seat prior to all my custom bits provided as a comparison.  I do need a real camera as my phone camera is failing to catch the detail. 







I have been learning a I go.  I have found that knowing what medium to use at a given time is commonsense only once a few mistakes are made.  Copper and or lead wire doesn't take to curves as natural as monofilament does, but monfilament doesn't like tight curves an creates a great amount of tension when trying to make tight turns.  Therefore compromise must be achieved as progress is made.  The picture below is supposed to be the same wire that goes across the back of the seat.  I used two different materials as I discovered fishing line more pliable. 






Off to eat some Prime Rib.....



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6 hours ago, Marcel111 said:

Wow, those seats looks so good, worth all the extra time and effort!



Thank you Marcel.  I have seen some of your work.  I am just a beginner compared to your work. 


I have made a purchase so that I can do things to scale in the future.  The correct fine wiring, smaller drills,  and some measuring devices. This kit is a great first step in the right direction and I have learned a ton.  With sooooo much more to learn.

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23 minutes ago, Barry said:



You can find some pics of a 1/32 Phantom cockpit showing common details located on the aft bulkheads of both front and rear cockpits here.

It is among my "stalled" build efforts.





I have been all over your thread.  I literally did a search on this site and paged through anything that was associated with the Phantom.  Your work is a goal of mine that I am walking towards as we speak.  Very detailed and precise work.  I was able to get a fair amount of information from your thread.  I was able to identify and solve some of the rear bulkhead issues I was having through your work.  I will post some pictures in the future to show you what I did.   Have you considered finishing that build?  It sure was a great start!


I very much appreciate your help.  Both directly and indirectly!!!



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