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Here’s my progress from yesterday. Managed most of a day at the bench. I have both wings and all the airlerons filled with putty and drying. The starboard wing had a big hollow in it from the prototype model requiring big globs of squadron green putty lol 



the swiss cheese on the one wing was my trial and errror in locating the flap hinges. Dang that Hasegawa activator on the end of the wing was huge. I ended up using the big saw to remove it and then a chisel blade to work the wing smooth. I used some plastistrut pices to fill the backside of the wings and airlerons. Some putty and sandpaper should clean them up nice i think. More on this by the end of today i hope.


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We have paint! I put just a guide coat on it tonight so i could look at the filler to see how much more I’ve got to do :D the top looks pretty good but the bottom of the lerx and the wing joint both need some help. I used black because it shows everything ... it shows my 1st attempt at scribing panel lines well too.

Any experience in with filling larger areas like this would be appreciated. I’m wondering if I need to widen the area I’m applying the putty to in order to fade it out better? 








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Working on the vertical stabilizers tonight. Took awhile at home depot to find some 1/16” wire. Once i did i was all set. Here’s the 1st one. The other is in front of me and almost done. It’s just sitting at a little angle but I should have it lined up shortly :fight:





next up tonight is to get rid of the slash on the horizontal stabs. Dandiego sent me a piece for that which is probably the best piece yet because I didn’t know how much work it was going to be to get the leading edge correct.

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After some advice here on LSP about how best to glue the odd wing joint on this one I’ve made some great progress this weekend. Here’s the first pic of it starting to take shape.



this one shows some of the amr reaver vents. still some clean up to do but thought I’d show it as it’s turning out pretty nicely i think.



i decided on a full military power near vertical takeoff for the presentation of the model. To do that the tabs needed cut off the stabilators so they could be repositioned. The plan is to duplicate the rotation from the Tamiya F-16. Ordered a bag of o-rings today. Once they come in the surgery starts again. Looking over some pics i believe the rotating center is in line with the circular marks on each of the stabilators. It all seems to line up on the fuselage too based on what I’m seeing. If you see something out of whack here let me know. Below is a picture of the markup.


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Looking good so far - I hope you are aware that you'll have to drop the slats as well if you drop the flaps. Then, if you have an Academy kit on hand, check the flap layout. It's hard for me to describe in English, but there is a 'skin' which remains attached to the upper wing surface when the flaps drop, creating a slot between the skin and the flap. This 'skin' is marked by a groove line on the flaps you have cut off.

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Hey Starfighter, yeah I keep looking at the slats...and I haven't come up with a way to cut them off and make them look anything at all like they should. Debating whether to order another sprue from the Academy kit to get the premade ones but then I'll just feel like I should have spent the money on it LOL and what fun is that! If it proceeds like the flaps I'll debate it and debate it and then it'll still be bothering me and I'll go ahead and cut hem off :mental:

For the skin over the flaps I have an idea there which may pan out ok. Planning to mock-up a piece with some thin evergreen strip and see what it looks like. I have the actuators dryfit now so alot to put together this week, although it may be rather sporadic with all my kids' activities. 

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One package of o-rings from McMaster Carr, 1” of icemaker tubing, 2 nails, and a couple slabs of evergreen strip and viola, instant stabilators! Plus while things were drying between steps i shot some pool with my son. Everybody’s happy :-) 


Checking the alignment and fit Of the collar I made. Modeled this off the Tamiya F-16. 



Here’s the preliminary assembly. I clamped the stabilator against a piece of wood and checked it with a level, then used the drill press to put the right size hole down the middle.



Running away and an overhead shot showing the alignment. 




Once it’s dry tomorrow I’ll try an action shot and see what it will look like on the base. Will have to check the droop with the tape off, hopefully the dry fit i did tonight was accurate. Overall it seems to fit the part but let me know if you see something off as I still have time to change it.

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Here it is using my handy iphone level app lol i hate finding new uses for this stupid thing. After a double check I’ll spot glue them before using epoxy to lock them into position.

Let me know if you all see anything goofy in this pic?




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In your photo of the vertical  tails taped up they seem to be too vertical, they should angle out more than the photo shows. The fit of these parts is quite loose. I used shims on the tails and the fuselage to tighten everything up


Hope it's not too late.



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Not as far as I’d like but had more family stuff to do than i thought :-)

the upper movable canopy is done and drying in the canopy now. Made up 3 rear view mirrors but still need to install them. Found i didn't have the right paint for a Marine so will make a pit stop at LHS after work tomorrow. Hopefully done tomorrow 

Looked at this pic and realized some paint chipped so i got that fixed. The HUD frame came from the Hasegawa kit, cut them off and made a tab on the bottom to mount in the Academy coming. The green light is one of those sticky backed jewels from the art area at walmart.


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