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This model looks fantastic in person. Way better than the pictures.

One thing Milan is not sharing is the box he created for transportation. Cheer him up and urge him to share this, since he is too shy.

The boxes are a problem for many when it comes down to transpo to shows. 

His solution is not less stunning than the kit itself.

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Da case:








So it's bigger than the original kit box and i did it in parallel with the build. It's a pretty simple construction just a box with the right dimensions, then i split it in 2 halves, attached 2 giant locks and 2 real hinges, and a stiff handle, reinforced the outer edges and filled the insides with insulation. Here is the inside:






And how the plane sits inside. These pics are with flashlight, the last one is without. I also put some buble wraps between the plane and the top cover for just in case. :)








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