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Tamiya F4U-1D VMF-512 1945 1/3 UPDATE!


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Thank you Harv, Carl and Gerhard for checking back in on my build.

I worked on the Corsair all day Sunday off and on, mostly on.

I am going to keep looking a bit for the placards, but everything that needs to be painted to close up the fuselage has been. I added a slight texture with Mr. Surfacer to replicate the leather texture on the headrest before painting it. I also have not installed the little trim tab knobs that are on the clear sprue. I'm leaving them off until I place the placards so I have more room to work, and so they dont get dull coated when I'm done.

  Decals could go right on as everything is still in gloss where they need to be applied. I did do the internal bulkheads of the cockpit that get no decals, the seat support and seat back etc.  into matt coat clear..  I think it turned out ok.  :)

If I can't find the decals  I may just build it as is, but I'd sure hate to.












Once I either find a placard set or just get tired of waiting, I'll close up the fuselage. I have plenty more Corsair to build!

Next I'll put a set of Radu's belts on the seat.


Thanks for looking,


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Looking good so far, Paul! It would be a shame to not be able to put the cockpit placards, in, but it would also be a shame to hold the build up too long waiting. I've decided not to build any more Corsairs until Roy reprints his cockpit decals.




Thanks for checking on my build, 

If I'd had a set of those decals I'd have it closed up and glue drying for the night! Two days.... I see how John B builds these quickly. Everything fits like Tamiya!  


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Thank you for  stopping in and checking out what I've done thus far. Things are still being blended and highlighted so some of the  ribs are in various states of play.

They are barely going to be visible and even with lighting from above, they should be hard to see. I'm just highlighting and blending with weathering colors at this stage, then dry fit and see what looks good.

. I still have some wiring and the Grimes lights ( cockpit ) similar to these to build and install.

s-l1600.jpg  Paul

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Guest Peterpools


The interior is looking simply fantastic and what a touch adding texture to the headrest! Absolutely a beautifil detail and a note to myself on my next build to try it.

Just a shame the placard decal sheet is AWOL - sure wish Barracuda would make another run.

Keep ‘em coming


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