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Tamiya F4U-1D VMF-512 1945 1/3 UPDATE!

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Great progress Paul, and it's amazing how the camera/pics can find issues! Those decals make the pit pop; I'll need to invest in some for future builds.


It's looking good and digging the revolver!



Thanks Mike, I am about to post some inglorious progress pics but all the little details have to happen in order to make one big model, but this kit is fun enough to keep my interest.  :)

 Thanks for looking in on my build,


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Now for some update pics.

 I have the fuselage all closed up and, painted, sanded, painted, buffed out with an old T- shirt and it will get one more wet coat for blend it all back in.  :mental:



I have also assembled the tail surfaces and they are just dry fit as is everything else in the pic at this point.


 Here are the landing gear, G Factor brass struts,Tamiya kit parts. The G Factor Gear cleaned up nicely with a small bit of file work and a wire brush in the Dremel. The plastic kit parts and the brass mate up just fine.




I used Tamiya AS-8 on the outer top wing panels just because, I will use the lighter blue of this color as a base coat for the follow on wet coat to match Custom GSB( mixed from Gunze paints)  I already have on the fuselage. AS-8 is WAY to bright for a late war GSB Corsair in my opinion.



The airplane I'm modeling and most from the squadron were new issue, and only had the last 3 mos of the war to get through. They were in great shape and very little weathering can be seen on the aircraft. I used the Tamiya AS- 8 and sanding with various grades to leave a slightly different "texture" on the fabric areas of the wing and tail surfaces.

The whole aircraft will be all one color blue, and this should help the fabric areas stand out just slightly.




Sorry there isn't a  ton more to show, but I'm moving  forward faster than it looks. Lots of sub assembly going on and wiring in the wheel wells is about to commence.


More when I have more worth showing! 


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Thank you Carl for checking in on the build. I dont feel like Im burning though it, but I definitely feel little resistance from the kit, gotta love Tamiya. 

It's refreshing to not have to fight to get a nice looking model from a kit. 



Looks great Paul! You're really burning through this one.


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The cockpit decals really bring the pit to life. We get so much choice, now, on how to add details to pits. The G factor legs, are the details that much better than the kit parts?



Hi Don, Im glad you enjoyed the cockpit stuff!  The details on the brass gear are identical to the plastic. I used the G Factor gear legs for strength, I know I am going to pick this thing up a lot once its done, its to cool  a model not to.  :)  I want to make sure every time I put it down it's on solid gear. The kit gear would be fine for those of you who dont occasionally take a model out of its case just to look at it...a lot. lol



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