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1/32 F-4 stencil decals


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I expect these to return from Cartograf on Monday or Tuesday, so I should be able to ship by Wednesday.  I will turn on the ordering links as soon as soon I check the quality of the printing.


This sheet includes stencil markings for the F-4C, F-4D, F-4E, RF-4C, and F-4G in 1/32.  It is applicable to mid-1980s and later, as it applies to the SEA wraparound, Euro 1, and Hill I/II gray camouflage schemes.  


Since these markings varied so much from squadron to squadron, and even jet to jet, I tried to include a variety of styles/fonts/sizes of the most common types of stencils.  


Order at www.reidairpublishing.com








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Do you think they can be use on Isreali YKW F4-E?


I'm sure some of it will be able to, but it won't be all inclusive.  You'll still need Israeli-specific decals in some cases.

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hipping is only 4,50 USD worldwide directly from Jake.

I think it's actually around $5.50, but yes, very affordable.  I ship them in a flat rate envelope so it's pretty inexpensive.  



No, Hannants does not stock Reid Air Publications or Speed Hunter Graphics.  I wish they would.

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