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  1. VF-103 is my choice! Thanks for this sheet. I for sure buy this sheet !
  2. Excelet new regarding March issue of F-5E. new kit. Can´t wait for later F-5F twoseater. Great job!
  3. Just made payment for both sets Can´t wait for them. Cheers Pavel
  4. I received email from VFS. And it is the same kit with these editions: plus they have seatbelts, PE wire harness and update sets for the ‘M', AND an autographed profile from the pilot = Russell S. Kyler
  5. Pavel

    T-33 ???

    Special Hobby makes T-33 1/32 kit
  6. Looking forward to both versions. I alreday sent email.
  7. I placed order for two of them. We´ll see if they come to me.
  8. hipping is only 4,50 USD worldwide directly from Jake.
  9. Now we know P-40N markings https://www.eduard.com/store/out/media/distributors/leaflet/leaflet2017-07cz.pdf
  10. Hi Dennis Eould it be able to receive review too? Cheers Pavel
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