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Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage Corsair


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So, while I've been recently working on the WNW Snipe, and the Tamiya Mossie, this has also had a bit of space on my workbench. This was the kit that I did the original in box sprue said of when it first came out. I finally got around to starting on it after following Harv's night fighter WIP.


I don't have a full run of photos but here's what I have.


I started with the cockpit and mostly it's all OOB.






Here's the seat with a bunch of scratches added to it using a Prismacolor pencil. This will probably end up being the most weathered build I've ever done (besides the Millennium Falcon).




Here's the cockpit sidewalls. I used mid bronze green for the colour.





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Here's most of the cockpit tub assembled.




At this point, I noticed that I misplaced one of the tanks in the cockpit. I ended up using one from the Aires set for the Trumpeter F4U as a substitute.








From the other side:




I then started work on the seat. I replaced the kit belts with ones from Wako. They're Japanese and have some great instructions to them. They lay out the buckles on the get si that the can be threaded into the belts before you remove them. Their only downside is that you have to paint them and for some reason, the buckles are laser cut plastic instead of PE.







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Great work, Shaka Bloorwest! (Sorry, got carried away.)


Just ordered some of those seat belts from HLJ.





Thanks D.B.!


Wako make two versions of their belts. Both with fine but I prefer the slightly more expensive version. The difference I think is the basic version uses paper for the buckles so they're slightly more fragile while the deluxe version use plastic.

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Some great work! What did you use to paint the bronze green and the salmon color I caught a glimpse of?


Cheers, Tom

Thanks Tom!


For the green, I used Xtracrylix Mid Bronze Green. I then added a drop of white and sprayed in between the ribs for a bit of a weathered look.


The salmon colour I mixed up using the guide in the instructions. Here's a better shot of it.



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