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Revell/Lodela 1/32 Typhoon MK1B

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Washed the kit bits and cut the resin from the pour stubs






Adding Barracuda Cast Seat, Wheels with Eduard Sutton Harness. Kit decals along with some Tiffy specific stenciling will lay ontop of Vallejo paints.

I will be detailing the cockpit, wheel wells and thats about it.


I need to finish my 1/72 Foray then I will dive into this beast.

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thank you r0t0rdr1ver!

Been scheming and planning all day (day dreaming at work).


Need to build out from scratch:

The rear radiator face


gear bays

landing lights

retractable step (not sure if this is provided or not)

brake lines


scribe the foot step on the wing (missing)


remove the mould plug lines for the car door vs bubble top


and thats from what I can thing of w/o the kit in front of me lol

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Ooh I'm trying to resist getting into all that Shawn.....I'm going Neanderthal on my build even with the IP, I can live with the lack of detail on this one, I think (get thee behind me detailing Satan!)!!  So, any thoughts about the raised rivets and panel lines? :hmmm:  :wicked:


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I built that kit a few years back.  Mine was molded from green plastic.


Does it still have the HUGE raised rivets everywhere?  I found it a surprisingly bad kit....but I imagine it was state of the art when released in 1972 or whenever.  Also, we are definitely spoiled by today's releases....


I found myself scratch building the entire cockpit, and sanding/rescribing everywhere else.


Here's the build thread if you are interested:



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