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1/32 Junkers Ju 188D (Revell w/AIMS Conversion)

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Even though it might be a bit before I can actually start this, I'm going to get this thread in place, now. This build will also be my entry in the 1945 Group Build, over at LSM's Luftwaffe section.


I was going to use the AIMS 188A/D conversion to do an A from KG 6. However, I have since changed my mind and will be going for a model that I've really wanted to do, since I was a kid, which is this one from III/KG 26, as seen in Norway at the end of the war.




The photo shows that these aircraft have the mounts on the nose for the Fug 200 "Hohentwiel" radar, but that the antennae have been removed. Also absent is the MG 151/20 cannon, from the nose position. However, most aircraft with nose-mounted radar seem to be without the cannon. Also, given the record of III/KG 26 in the closing months of the war, it could be assumed that this plane was fitted with torpedo racks. I'm fairly certain I'm going to mount torpedoes on it and most likely will fit the radar, as well. I believe AIMS has a PE set for the radar that I will have to acquire, but I already have the donor kit and the conversion ready to go.





For now, I have to get through a 1/48 scale Su-2 build for a friend (which can be found in the Non-LSP sub-forum), but hope to start this immediately afterwards. Or, I may even start picking away at this during breaks in the action with the other build. But, that one will probably be enough to keep me more than busy, at least for a couple/few weeks, or longer.







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Thanks for being my cheerleaders, guys...... :unsure:....er.... now I'm trying to remove the mental picture of any of you wearing a short skirt and shaking pom-poms around. :o :P :lol:



Was hoping you'd get to this one. My favorite version of the Ju-88, love that giant greenhouse for the Racher.  Can't wait to see this one go together John, I'm sure you'll burn through this one like your last build





Matt  :frantic:

Thanks, Matt.


That's one of the things I love about the 188 and 388. They have an almost organic, "alive" look about them, created by that greenhouse. I've always thought they were cool looking.


As for "burning through this one", I don't think it's going to happen as fast. The Dragon 110 was a great kit (and really didn't require much for modifications)  which made the actual assembly quite easy when compared to most of the stuff I'm used to building. This one is going to be quite a bit more involved. Pastor John has engineered and provided an amazing level of detail into his conversion and the cockpit, alone is actually almost intimidating to look at. In fact, just the dorsal turret assembly is a masterpiece, unto itself!  I know when I built the 1/48 Ju 188A, using the Eduard PE set, it took me about two weeks just to build the cockpit. So, I don't have any illusions of knocking this one out at a quick pace. In addition to that, this particular aircraft (from the photo) has been one of my most wanted subjects for most of my life. So, I want to be sure to get it right (or, at least as close as I can). Here's the thread for my 1/48 build, for those who haven't seen it and for an idea of what I'll be aiming for with the cockpit on this one: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=53798&page=1




I will follow this WIP with great interest , I like this elegant version , I don't know this conversion set , and I hope this build will be a nice " walk"" for you 




See my comments immediately above about a "walk", but I appreciate the interest. The AIMS conversion is a great looking set. Even though I've only seen a couple of them completed, they're enough to get me excited and keep that "vision" in my head as a goal to strive for. If I try to put some of the same effort into this as you have done in some of your builds and am influenced by the inspiration that you always provide, then it should turn out great. Again, much appreciation, everyone!



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LORDIE I forgot about that movie...........that movie was TOTALLY messed up!!

Yes, it sure was.


I'm not a big Cage fan. I either love him in a role, or hate him. I actually really liked that movie though. I like horror movies, but they really have to get to me on a psychological level to be "good" in my opinion. That one certainly does.



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I will folow your build, because that is one I like to build also together with the Ju-388 from aims. Great stuff that John ( Aims ) is doing. So I can use the tips and tricks when I get started. Good luck.

Thanks, gunny!


I totally agree about John/AIMS. We're lucky to have someone who is so passionate about the Ju 88 series and willing to give us a chance to have the more obscure stuff that the big names wont' touch. Blessed, actually.



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