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First armor Academy 1/35 Tiger 1- Finished

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Having a break from wing things for a little bit.


I have been wanting to build some type of 1/35 tank for years and after seeing some great examples at a recent model expo I was hooked.

I purchased and have been building my first ever armor vehicle being a cheapish but pretty good quality Academy Tiger 1 tank.

Being my first I just want to have fun and even got my daughter helping me. No great expectations or modelling skills here just fun. Just knowing how beat up these things were is comforting to know I will be able to cover up any mistakes. I still want to end up with something to be happy with so I'm not quite just slapping it together and I am learning how to use my new Aztec 470 airbrush. Having good sessions and not so good (with airbrush but getting better)


So far,,, fun factor 10. The basic build was easy and not tooooo time consuming. 

I'll post the rest of the build in pictures.


















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Thank you for the encouragement gents. Please don't hesitate to chime in with corrections, tips and advice.


So I got the wheels and drives on the Tiger, then after watching a couple of Utube vids had a crack at painting the tracks which in the kit are a rubber band type with a single join.

Firstly I lightly airbrushed them with Tamiya Nato Brown all over. This is to (try to) represent parts of the track that are not worn or driven on and so rust a little. Active tanks did not have too rusty tracks I've been told.

Next was to drybrush with a metallic colour I mixed with German Grey and Aluminium to get what I wanted. (purely speculative here haha) A wash and mud and dust will finish them off. Pictures are of how it stands tonight. Track is not fixed on and the keen eye will see a bit of tissue paper holding the track down at the front so it 'sags' under it's own weight.


Wow, it is still fun. Cheers, Brad.





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So I had an hour spare today so got to doing the camouflage on the Tiger.

I wished to use the green and red brown scheme so went with a tank that operated in Russia in 1943.

No political motivation here just modelling.


I applied the green first as I had read that the coverage of the red brown was very good and would cover the green well to define the two lines with a nice tight edge. Well, still a rank beginner with my Aztec 470 I needed all the help I could get so went with it. Using 15psi and a couple of drops of Tamiya lacquer thinner (yes I was told to try it by some bloke in a hobby shop) I gingerly went about applying my very first tank camo scheme. I can honestly say I did not have any Opps moments or think this is Sh1+ and I want out. Green first then red brown and then some more green to even things out a bit.

Here it is so far with tracks not fixed and on it's new but bare base that I will be displaying the model on once complete.

Next is decals and tools etc to be added.

Hope you like it.













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Good job!  I have the same kit (but different box art).  




PS it's good to see children getting involved in this day and age of Playstations and Xboxes...

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Cheers guys, I have defiantly rekindled some modelling mojo by doing this kit. Some times not giving too much of a damn can be good and fun as right here.


Well I got home from a stint from work and got the total of seven decals on the tank as per the instructions. Got to love that!! They seemed to go down well with a bit of decal sol and set even though the carrier film seemed thick. They will do any way.

Then it was time to do some dry brushing and chipping and the like and exposing some of the good old German steel in places.

Being my first tank and not being really up to speed with a few of my techniques I wanted to keep it low key, not going too far and messing it up. I can always go back and do more. I did an initial wash in the engine grill area and it looks ok so far.

Also today I painted the wire ropes and tools for the upper deck but failed to take a picture of them so i'll post pictures next time if you can wait haha.


Next is to seal again, a couple of washes and then onto the mud and dust.

Cheers for looking in,








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good job so far man! I remember my first armor build, I was hooked, mainly because you really can't do a tank wrong, I mean clearly you can, however, you can weather them a ton, very minimal decals, if any at all! if overspray and or colors are slightly off, no worries, just toss powdered pigment and a wash over it, kaboom!!!!! I could build armor all day every day. 


If you want to build another tiger kit, get a dragon kit, and or a tamiya kit. Also 48th scale armor is super fun as well! I'm big into modern armor, so all of the new main battle tanks are on my build list. 

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Guys you are too kind. Thanks.

I really am enjoying this even though it is taking longer than expected and I am biting into family time. That is what the double ended candle is for right?


Any way, exhausts are almost done, (still have to do those tricky little mushroom things that sit on top of the main section of exhaust) painted with a couple of different brown colours and dry brushed with a brown metallic. Still need soot to finish off.

Deck tooling is done and will be covered in mud and dust to hide them haha. 

Now, a question. The box you see sitting on the front section with the tools was that camouflaged as I have it or was it a regularly replaced item that should be a wood finish. I have no idea what it is for and am wondering what you would do.


Oh dear, just noticed rather ugly join line on the head of the sledge hammer. That can stay there.





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