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  1. Apologies if this link has already been posted, I did a search of the forum but got 0 results, but I suspect that that's cos the search term "RLM" is too short...so here goes: https://www.cybermodeler.com/color/rlm_table.shtml I don't know how accurate this colour table is, so ymmv. Hopefully it helps some other modellers. Cheers, Dave
  2. I much prefer Winter to Summer, but I live in Australia, so our Winters are mild compared to continental US and Europe.
  3. Well, I'm a basic guy, so when I see photo etch or hacking stock parts for resin etc, that's special in my eyes. I too found it inspirational. I haven't seen the diorama video yet. I'm guessing most of the guys have seen his videos, but if they haven't, then they're in for a treat.
  4. Not affiliated with David in any way, and I presume many of you have seen his excellent videos, but golly, his work is gobsmacking! ie he has more talent in his pinkie that I do in my entire body 100x over lol! Enjoy!
  5. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
  6. The openings on the alien derelict ship were made to look like Vagina's too. Kev, I have this kit, built it years ago. I found the kit when we cleaned out the garage in late 2017 after mum passed. Sadly, it's broken into several pieces now and I never sealed the paints with clear coat, so much dust has attached itself...it's grown furry lol! Back then, I had no idea that you should seal your paint job with a clear coat. I used oils on the base too btw - I found them easier to get the colours that I wanted.
  7. that's a good missus! You should try your luck with a Trumpeter 1/200 Bismarck
  8. I'm curious, did you experience any of the fuselage fit issues that are seen in the video below at the 28:35 mark and afterwards?
  9. Thanks guys. I am working again, although money is really tight at the moment due to circumstances beyond my control, and the falcon kit would have to wait anyway. I'm more concerned about not being able to really build the kit cos of my eyes not being great.
  10. crikey that engine looks absolutely stunning.
  11. That falcon looks spot on - you nailed the paint job imho. Is this kit really that much better than the older fine moulds kit? I know it's the 3 landing gear version from ANH, not the 5t landing gear fine moulds version. I want it, (Star Wars nut), but can't afford it and to be brutally honest with myself, my eyes are no longer good and capable of building model kits, even with glasses imho.
  12. wow that is super detailed! I don't know how you get the motivation to ultra detail kits!!!!
  13. following this thread, this kit looks like a ripper!
  14. I have to say, this kit looks really nice. I can't afford it, but I can dream about it lol!
  15. That's at least good news, although I'm not looking to buy this kit (no money!). Still, I just find it impossible to be so pedantic to have an ultra critically accurate kit of a plane or ship, etc. It's just overkill to me. More power to those that demand that sort of accuracy, it's just not my cuppa tea so to speak. Tamiya's efforts are fine by me.
  16. Bill, I disagree. I'm buying a book series named "Annals of the deep sky" (it's an Astronomy title). The publisher is a small publisher, and there are only 2 authors. They have a facebook page with regular updates on where they are with the books (there's currently Six volumes released, but we're only a 1/3 through the constellations, so there's probably at least another 15 volumes to come...). If they can manage to communicate, then HK Models can too.
  17. Communication isn't difficult though, and is critical to any business maintaining a relationship with its customers. How long would it take HKM to release a snippet of information on the current progress of this kit? I mean, really?
  18. Well, HK models is a small, boutique model kit manufacturer. R&D costs money, and I bet they don't make a huge profit from existing kit releases either. So, money will dictate development of new kits and things will take time. Still, announcing a kit and then 3 years later there's no new news isn't very good PR imho. HK models would have been far better off delaying an announcement of the kit until they were well along in development imho.
  19. actually, if you bothered to read my post in its entirety, I don't use any social media (other than YouTube). I simply pointed out that you can see content on twitter and instagram without having to have an account. Facebook is very lazy when it comes to shutting down outright revolting pages, such as certain woman's or men's groups, racist groups, etc, but is exceptionally quick to take down innocent pictures of mothers breast feeding with their children. Something that is very much natural. I find their modus operandi offensive and I refuse to support their crappy site. It's that simple.
  20. No, Iain is not right. I can see content on twitter and instagram (and vine) without having to sign up. Facebook just obfuscates content to try and force you to sign up to its crap. There's also a host of political reasons why I dislike facebook. PS I'm not any social media. Been there, done that, never again.
  21. Sadly, Iain, the link is no good to us who don't have crapbook...
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